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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

vol•umeˈvɒl yum, -yəm(n.)

  1. the amount of space, measured in cubic units, that an object or substance occupies. the measured amount that a container or other object can hold; cubic capacity.

    Category: Physics

  2. a mass or quantity, esp. a large quantity, of something:

    a volume of mail.

  3. amount; total:

    the volume of sales.

  4. mass; bulk.

  5. the degree of sound intensity or audibility; loudness:

    to turn up the volume on a radio.

    Category: Physics

  6. fullness or quantity of tone.

  7. a book, esp. as a separately bound portion of a larger work, or as one of a series of works.

    Category: Library Science

  8. a set of issues of a periodical, often covering one year.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Library Science

  9. a roll of papyrus, parchment, etc.; scroll.

    Category: Ancient History

Idioms for volume:

  1. speak volumes, to be expressive or full of meaning.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of volume:

1350–1400; < MF < L volūmen roll (of sheets), der. of volvere to roll


Princeton's WordNet

  1. volumed(adj)

    (often used in combination) consisting of or having a given number or kind of volumes

    "the poet's volumed works"; "a two-volumed history"; "multi-volumed encyclopedias"; "large-volumed editions"

  2. volumed(adj)

    formed or rising in rounded masses

    "gasping with the volumed smoke"

  3. volumed(adj)

    furnished with volumes

    "a large room volumed with ancient books"


  1. volumed(Adjective)

    Having volume, or bulk; massive.

  2. volumed(Adjective)

    Having the form of a volume, or roil.

    where the volumed cataract doth roll uE000652422uE001 Byron.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Volumed(adj)

    having the form of a volume, or roil; as, volumed mist

  2. Volumed(adj)

    having volume, or bulk; massive; great


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