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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

vict•ualˈvɪt l(n.)

  1. victuals, food supplies; provisions.

  2. food or provisions for human beings.

  3. (v.t.)to supply with victuals.

  4. (v.i.)to take or obtain victuals.

  5. Archaic. to eat or feed.

Origin of victual:

1275–1325; ME vitaille < OF vituaille < LL victuālia provisions, n. use of neut. pl. of L victuālis of food =victu(s) nourishment, way of living (vic-, var. s. of vīvere to live +-tus suffix of v. action) +-ālis -al1; mod. sp. < L

Princeton's WordNet

  1. comestible, edible, eatable, pabulum, victual, victuals(verb)

    any substance that can be used as food

  2. victual(verb)

    supply with food

    "The population was victualed during the war"

  3. victual(verb)

    lay in provisions

    "The vessel victualled before the long voyage"

  4. victual(verb)

    take in nourishment


  1. victual(Noun)

    Food fit for human consumption.

  2. victual(Verb)

    To provide with food; to provision.

  3. victual(Verb)

    To lay in food supplies.

  4. victual(Verb)

    To eat.

  5. Origin: vitaille, from victualia, from victus, from vivo.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Victual(noun)

    food; -- now used chiefly in the plural. See Victuals

  2. Victual(noun)

    grain of any kind

  3. Victual(verb)

    to supply with provisions for subsistence; to provide with food; to store with sustenance; as, to victual an army; to victual a ship

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