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Princeton's WordNet

  1. victor, master, superior(noun)

    a combatant who is able to defeat rivals

  2. winner, victor(noun)

    the contestant who wins the contest


  1. victor(Noun)

    The winner in a fight or contest.

  2. victor(Noun)

    The letter V in the ICAO spelling alphabet.

  3. Victor(ProperNoun)


  4. Origin: From a Late personal name Victor, borne by several saints, from victor.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Victor(noun)

    the winner in a contest; one who gets the better of another in any struggle; esp., one who defeats an enemy in battle; a vanquisher; a conqueror; -- often followed by art, rarely by of

  2. Victor(noun)

    a destroyer

  3. Victor(adj)


  4. Origin: [L. victor, fr. vincere, victum, to vanquish, to conquer. See Vanquish.]


  1. Victor

    Victor is a Statutory City in Teller County, Colorado, United States. Gold was discovered in Victor in the late 19th century, and omen of the future of the town. With Cripple Creek, the mining district became the second largest gold mining district in the country and realized approximately $10 billion of mined gold in 2010 dollars. It reached its peak around the turn of the century when there were about 18,000 residents in the town. Depleted ore in mines, labor strife and the exodus of miners during World War I caused a steep decline in the city's economy, for which it has never recovered. The population was 397 at the 2010 census. There is a resumed mining effort on Battle Mountain.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Lucan (Marcus Annaeus Lucanus) AD 39-65, The Civil War, bk. I, 128:

    If the victor had the gods on his side, the vanquished had Cato.

  2. Harriet Woods:

    You can stand tall without standing on someone. You can be a victor without having victims

  3. Ruth Johnson:

    I had never met anybody that I thought loved the word of God as much as Victor Barnard did.

  4. Harriet Woods:

    You can stand tall, without standing on someone. You can be a victor without having victims.

  5. Bob Baffert:

    Victor Espinoza rides with a lot of confidence and Victor Espinoza ’s been here at the big dance.

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