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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ven•tureˈvɛn tʃər(n.; v.)-tured, -tur•ing.

  1. (n.)an undertaking involving risk or uncertainty.

  2. a business enterprise in which something is risked in the hope of profit.

    Category: Business

  3. the money or property risked in such an enterprise.

  4. (v.t.)to expose to hazard; risk.

  5. to take the risk of; brave:

    to venture a voyage.

  6. to undertake to express, in spite of possible contradiction or opposition:

    to venture a guess.

  7. (v.i.)to undertake or embark upon a venture:

    We ventured deep into the jungle; to venture upon an ambitious program of reform.

  8. to invest venture capital.

    Category: Business

Idioms for venture:

  1. at a venture,according to chance; at random.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of venture:

1400–50; late ME, aph. var. of aventureadventure


Princeton's WordNet

  1. venturer, merchant-venturer(noun)

    a merchant who undertakes a trading venture (especially a venture that sends goods overseas)

  2. adventurer, venturer(noun)

    a person who enjoys taking risks


  1. venturer(Noun)

    One who ventures; a traveller or explorer.

  2. venturer(Noun)

    One who undertakes a business venture.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Venturer(noun)

    one who ventures, or puts to hazard; an adventurer

  2. Venturer(noun)

    a strumpet; a prostitute


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