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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ven•det•tavɛnˈdɛt ə(n.)(pl.)-tas.

  1. a private feud, as formerly in Corsica and Italy, in which the family of a murdered person seeks vengeance by killing the slayer or one of the slayer's relatives.

  2. any prolonged and bitter feud, rivalry, contention, or the like.

Origin of vendetta:

1850–55; < It < L vindicta vengeance; see vindictive


Princeton's WordNet

  1. vendetta, blood feud(noun)

    a feud in which members of the opposing parties murder each other


  1. vendetta(Noun)

    A bitter, destructive feud, normally between two families, clans or factions, in which each injury or slaying is revenged; a blood feud

  2. Origin: From vendetta.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Vendetta(noun)

    a blood feud; private revenge for the murder of a kinsman


  1. Vendetta

    Vendetta is the fourth album by the hardcore/metal band Throwdown. This album marks the group's initial shift from hardcore to metal. "Burn," was the album's lead single.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Vendetta

    the practice which existed in Corsica and Sicily on the part of individuals of exacting vengeance for the murder of a relative on the murderer or one of his relations.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a fierce, often violent, long-lasting dispute

There has been a bitter vendetta between the two families for many years.

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