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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

un•manʌnˈmæn(v.t.)-manned, -man•ning.

  1. to deprive of courage or fortitude; break down the manly spirit of.

  2. to deprive of virility; emasculate; castrate.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. unman(verb)

    cause to lose one's nerve

    "an unmanning experience"


  1. unman(Verb)

    To castrate; to remove one's manhood.

  2. unman(Verb)

    To sap the strength, whether physical or emotional, required to deal with a situation.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Unman(verb)

    to deprive of the distinctive qualities of a human being, as reason, or the like

  2. Unman(verb)

    to emasculate; to deprive of virility

  3. Unman(verb)

    to deprive of the courage and fortitude of a man; to break or subdue the manly spirit in; to cause to despond; to dishearten; to make womanish

  4. Unman(verb)

    to deprive of men; as, to unman a ship

Anagrams of unman

  1. nanmu


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