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Princeton's WordNet

  1. unbarred, unbolted, unlatched, unlocked, unsecured(adj)

    not firmly fastened or secured

    "an unbarred door"; "went through the unlatched gate into the street"; "an unlocked room"


  1. unlocked(Adjective)

    Of a door, etc, not locked (with a key), or that has been unlocked.


  1. Unlocked

    Unlocked is Christian Rapper Verbs' third album. ⁕Live to the Musc ⁕She's Miss Sin ⁕Trippin' ⁕Love Triangle ⁕Pre-Paid ⁕What You Rock Now ⁕Feelin' the Interlude ⁕My Neighborhood ⁕Run with It ⁕Can You Hear Me? ⁕The Before and Ater ⁕Triumphant Outro

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. John Rocco Savalli:

    Watching television as a passive viewer is like going on vacation for a while, and leaving all of the doors to your house unlocked. Any crap that wants to get in - will.

  2. Marie Choice:

    This has always been, I would say, a pretty decent neighborhood — people working, kids playing, we used to keep the doors unlocked. Doors would be open at night. You could just walk in. And you know it was pretty safe at that time.

  3. The Greek:

    The central bank governor put forth the idea to tap the 650 million euros in the holding account, which needed IMF approval, governor Stournaras made the arrangement with the IMF and on Saturday we got their okay and the account was unlocked.

  4. Dun Meng:

    I think this is my best chance because there's only one of them in the car and the doors are unlocked, it was the most difficult decision of my life. I asked Tamerlan before,' Are you going to kill me tonight ?' He told me,' I'm not going to kill you. Just relax, man.'.

  5. Mahabharata:

    Heaven?s gate is narrow and minute,* It cannot be perceived by foolish men, Blinded by vain illusions of the world. E?en the clear-sighted, who discern the way And seek to enter, find the portal barred And hard to be unlocked. Its massive bolts Are pride and passion, avarice and lust.

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