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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

un•hingeʌnˈhɪndʒ(v.t.)-hinged, -hing•ing.

  1. to remove from hinges:

    to unhinge a door.

  2. to open or separate by disengaging or releasing the hinges or hingelike parts.

  3. to throw into confusion or turmoil; upset.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. perturb, unhinge, disquiet, trouble, cark, distract, disorder(verb)

    disturb in mind or make uneasy or cause to be worried or alarmed

    "She was rather perturbed by the news that her father was seriously ill"

  2. unhinge(verb)

    remove the hinges from

    "unhinge the door"


  1. unhinge(Verb)

    To mentally disturb.

  2. unhinge(Verb)

    To remove the hinges from.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Unhinge(verb)

    to take from the hinges; as, to unhinge a door

  2. Unhinge(verb)

    to displace; to unfix by violence

  3. Unhinge(verb)

    to render unstable or wavering; to unsettle; as, to unhinge one's mind or opinions; to unhinge the nerves


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