Definitions for underneathˌʌn dərˈniθ, -ˈnið

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  1. underneath(adverb)

    on the lower or downward side; on the underside of

    "a chest of drawers all scratched underneath"

  2. underneath(adverb)

    under or below an object or a surface; at a lower place or level; directly beneath

    "we could see the original painting underneath"; "a house with a good foundation underneath"

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  1. underneath(Noun)

    The part under or lower.

    The underneath of the aircraft was painted blue.

  2. underneath(Noun)

    A background radio sound track played during a specific announcement or program.

  3. underneath(Adverb)

    On the underside or lower face of.

  4. underneath(Adverb)

    Below; in a place beneath.

  5. underneath(Adjective)

    Under, lower.

    You can have the underneath bunk.

  6. underneath(Preposition)

    Under, below, beneath.

  7. underneath(Preposition)

    Under the control or power of.

    There was little freedom underneath the jackboot.

  8. Origin: underneoþan, ultimately from

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  1. Underneath(adverb)

    beneath; below; in a lower place; under; as, a channel underneath the soil

  2. Underneath

    under; beneath; below

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  1. Underneath

    Underneath is the sixth album by American pop rock group Hanson. It was released in 2004 by 3CG Records. It is the band's first release on their own independent record label.

British National Corpus

  1. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'underneath' in Written Corpus Frequency: #2154

Translations for underneath

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • sotaCatalan, Valencian
  • unten, unterhalb, darunterGerman
  • bajos, bajo, por debajo, abajo, debajoSpanish
  • alempi, alapuolelta, alla, tunnussävel, alaisuus, alapuoli, alapuolella, alapuolinen, alle, alapuolelle, alta, tunnari, alaosa, ala-Finnish
  • sous, dessous, en dessous, d'en dessous, du dessousFrench
  • alattHungarian
  • pod, dół, spódPolish
  • abaixoPortuguese
  • subRomanian
  • под, нижняя сторонаRussian
  • alt, altında, emri altında, altı, alt kısmıTurkish

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