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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

un•der•goˌʌn dərˈgoʊ(v.t.)-went, -gone, -go•ing.

  1. to be subjected to; experience.

  2. to endure or sustain; suffer.

Origin of undergo:

bef. 1000


Princeton's WordNet

  1. undergo(verb)

    pass through

    "The chemical undergoes a sudden change"; "The fluid undergoes shear"; "undergo a strange sensation"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. undergo(verb)ˌʌn dərˈgoʊ

    to experience sth unpleasant or difficult

    He has recently undergone two operations.


  1. undergo(Verb)

    To go or move under or beneath.

  2. undergo(Verb)

    To experience; to pass through a phase.

    The project is undergoing great changes.

  3. undergo(Verb)

    To suffer or endure; bear with.

  4. Origin: From undergon, from undergan, equivalent to . Cognate with ondergaan, untergehen, undergå.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Undergo(verb)

    to go or move below or under

  2. Undergo(verb)

    to be subjected to; to bear up against; to pass through; to endure; to suffer; to sustain; as, to undergo toil and fatigue; to undergo pain, grief, or anxiety; to undergothe operation of amputation; food in the stomach undergoes the process of digestion

  3. Undergo(verb)

    to be the bearer of; to possess

  4. Undergo(verb)

    to undertake; to engage in; to hazard

  5. Undergo(verb)

    to be subject or amenable to; to underlie

British National Corpus

  1. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'undergo' in Verbs Frequency: #636

Anagrams of undergo

  1. go under, grounde, guerdon

Translations for undergo

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to experience or endure

They underwent terrible hardships.

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