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Princeton's WordNet

  1. undefined, vague(adj)

    not precisely limited, determined, or distinguished

    "an undefined term"; "undefined authority"; "some undefined sense of excitement"; "vague feelings of sadness"; "a vague uneasiness"


  1. undefined(Adjective)

    Lacking a definition or value

  2. undefined(Adjective)

    That does not have a meaning and is thus not assigned an interpretation

    The result of division by zero is undefined.


  1. Undefined

    In mathematics, the word undefined has several different meanings, depending on the context. In geometry, simple words such as "point" and "line" are taken as undefined terms. In arithmetic, some arithmetic operations are called "undefined". The most famous example is that division by zero is undefined. In algebra, a function is said to be "undefined" at points not in its domain. For example, in the real number system, is undefined for negative .

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