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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

un•a•void•a•bleˌʌn əˈvɔɪ də bəl(adj.)

  1. unable to be avoided; inescapable:

    an unavoidable delay.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. ineluctable, inescapable, unavoidable(adj)

    impossible to avoid or evade:"inescapable conclusion"

    "an ineluctable destiny"; "an unavoidable accident"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. unavoidable(adjective)ˌʌn əˈvɔɪ də bəl

    ≠ avoidable

    an unavoidable accident; The delays were unavoidable.; higher energy costs that unavoidably affect everyone


  1. unavoidable(Adjective)

    impossible to avoid; bound to happen.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Unavoidable(adj)

    not avoidable; incapable of being shunned or prevented; inevitable; necessary; as, unavoidable troubles

  2. Unavoidable(adj)

    not voidable; incapable of being made null or void


  1. Unavoidable

    Unavoidable 躲不過 is the second album by winner of Malaysian Idol 2, Daniel Lee Chee Hun, released on 13 June 2007, approximately 18 months since his self-titled debut album.


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