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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

truc•u•lent*ˈtrʌk yə lənt, ˈtru kyə-(adj.)

  1. aggressively hostile; belligerent:

    a truculent attitude.

  2. brutally harsh; scathing:

    truculent criticism.

  3. fierce; savagely brutal.

* Syn: See fierce.

Origin of truculent:

1530–40; < L truculentus=truc-, s. of trux savage, pitiless +-ulentus -ulent


Princeton's WordNet

  1. truculent(adj)

    defiantly aggressive

    "a truculent speech against the new government"


  1. truculent(Adjective)

    cruel or savage

    When we were touring on a riverboat near Dandong, the truculent North Korean soldiers from the other side of the river gave us a steely-eyed death stare.

  2. truculent(Adjective)

    Deadly or destructive.

  3. truculent(Adjective)

    Defiant or uncompromising.

  4. truculent(Adjective)

    Eager or quick to argue, fight or start a conflict.

  5. Origin: First attested circa 1540, from truculentus, from trux.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Truculent(adj)

    fierce; savage; ferocious; barbarous; as, the truculent inhabitants of Scythia

  2. Truculent(adj)

    cruel; destructive; ruthless

Anagrams of truculent

  1. unclutter

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(of a person) aggressive and inclined to argue.

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