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  1. travel, traveling, travelling(noun)

    the act of going from one place to another

    "he enjoyed selling but he hated the travel"

  2. change of location, travel(noun)

    a movement through space that changes the location of something

  3. locomotion, travel(verb)

    self-propelled movement

  4. travel, go, move, locomote(verb)

    change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically

    "How fast does your new car go?"; "We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus"; "The policemen went from door to door looking for the suspect"; "The soldiers moved towards the city in an attempt to take it before night fell"; "news travelled fast"

  5. travel, journey(verb)

    undertake a journey or trip

  6. travel, trip, jaunt(verb)

    make a trip for pleasure

  7. travel, journey(verb)

    travel upon or across

    "travel the oceans"

  8. travel(verb)

    undergo transportation as in a vehicle

    "We travelled North on Rte. 508"

  9. travel, move around(verb)

    travel from place to place, as for the purpose of finding work, preaching, or acting as a judge

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  1. travel(Noun)

    The act of travel(l)ing

  2. travel(Noun)

    a series of journeys

  3. travel(Noun)

    an account of one's travels

    Iu2019m off on my travels around France again.

  4. travel(Noun)

    The activity or traffic along a route or through a given point

  5. travel(Noun)

    The working motion of a piece of machinery; the length of a mechanical stroke

  6. travel(Noun)

    Labour; parturition; travail.

  7. travel(Verb)

    To be on a journey, often for pleasure or business and with luggage; to go from one place to another.

    I like to travel.

  8. travel(Verb)

    To pass from here to there; to move or transmit; to go from one place to another.

    Soundwaves can travel through water.

  9. travel(Verb)

    To move illegally by walking or running without dribbling the ball.

  10. travel(Verb)

    To travel throughout (a place).

    Iu2019ve travelled the world.

  11. Origin: travelen from Middle Scots travailen "to toil, work, travel", alteration of travaillen, from travailler "to trouble, suffer, be worn out". See travail. Displaced native faren (from faran), lithen (from liþan), feren (from feran), iwalken (from gewealcan), swinken (from swincan). More at fare.

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  1. Travel(verb)

    to labor; to travail

  2. Travel(verb)

    to go or march on foot; to walk; as, to travel over the city, or through the streets

  3. Travel(verb)

    to pass by riding, or in any manner, to a distant place, or to many places; to journey; as, a man travels for his health; he is traveling in California

  4. Travel(verb)

    to pass; to go; to move

  5. Travel(verb)

    to journey over; to traverse; as, to travel the continent

  6. Travel(verb)

    to force to journey

  7. Travel(noun)

    the act of traveling, or journeying from place to place; a journey

  8. Travel(noun)

    an account, by a traveler, of occurrences and observations during a journey; as, a book of travels; -- often used as the title of a book; as, Travels in Italy

  9. Travel(noun)

    the length of stroke of a reciprocating piece; as, the travel of a slide valve

  10. Travel(noun)

    labor; parturition; travail

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  1. Travel

    Travel is the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations, and can involve travel by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, airplane, or other means, with or without luggage, and can be one way or round trip. Travel can also include relatively short stays between successive movements.

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  1. Travel

    Aspects of health and disease related to travel. It includes the physiologic and psychologic beneficial or adverse effects of travel in general or with regard to specific diseases.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'travel' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #2815

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'travel' in Written Corpus Frequency: #2664

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'travel' in Nouns Frequency: #1116

  4. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'travel' in Verbs Frequency: #253

Translations for travel

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • مسافرة, سافر, ينتقلArabic
  • падарожнічаць, паездка, вандраваць, ездзіць, падарожжаBelarusian
  • пътувам, яздя, пътуванеBulgarian
  • འགྲུལ་རྒྱགTibetan Standard
  • beajiñBreton
  • viatjar, transitar, fer passesCatalan, Valencian
  • cestování, cestovat, jezdit, procestovatCzech
  • bereisen, reisen, [[sich]] [[übertragen]], [[sich]] [[fortpflanzen]], ReiseGerman
  • ταξίδι, ταξιδεύωGreek
  • vojaĝado, vojaĝiEsperanto
  • viaje, viajarSpanish
  • bidaiatuBasque
  • سفر, سفر کردن, مسافرت کردنPersian
  • matkustelu, matka, matkustaa, kulkea, liikkua, vaeltaa, matkata, matkailuFinnish
  • transmettre, voyage, voyager, propagerFrench
  • siubhal, taistealScottish Gaelic
  • viaxarGalician
  • לנסועHebrew
  • यात्रा करना, यात्राHindi
  • vwayajeHaitian Creole
  • utazik, út, utazásHungarian
  • ճանապարհորդել, ճանապարհորդությունArmenian
  • viagiarInterlingua
  • ferðastIcelandic
  • viaggiare, viaggioItalian
  • 旅行Japanese
  • მოგზაურობაGeorgian
  • 여행, 旅行Korean
  • iter facio, ambulo, iterLatin
  • ການເດີນທາງ, ເດີນທາງLao
  • keliavimas, apkeliauti, keliautiLithuanian
  • патува, патувањеMacedonian
  • യാത്രMalayalam
  • reis, reizen, verplaatsen, bereizenDutch
  • reise, slaglengdeNorwegian
  • podróżować, przemierzać, podróż, podróże, jeździć, przemieszczać sięPolish
  • viajar, viagemPortuguese
  • călătorie, voiaj, călătoriRomanian
  • перемещаться, поездка, объездить, путешествие, передвигаться, проходить, путешествовать, вести, ездить, ходRussian
  • путова́ње, путовати, пренети, putovati, putovánje, proputòvati, prenetiSerbo-Croatian
  • cestovať, jazdiť, cestovanieSlovak
  • potovanje, potovatiSlovene
  • fara, resande, rörelse, slag, resor, färdas, bana, gång, resa runt, resa, beresa, slaglängd, reseskildringarSwedish
  • safiriSwahili
  • ప్రయాణము, యాత్ర, పర్యటనTelugu
  • เดินทาง, ท่องเที่ยวThai
  • yolculuk, yapmak, seyahat, etmekTurkish
  • поїздка, мандрувати, їздити, подорож, подорожуватиUkrainian
  • du lịchVietnamese
  • täv, tävönVolapük

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