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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

trans•con•ti•nen•talˌtræns kɒn tnˈɛn tl(adj.)

  1. passing or extending across a continent:

    a transcontinental railroad.

  2. on the other, or far, side of a continent.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. transcontinental(adj)

    spanning or crossing or on the farther side of a continent

    "transcontinental railway"; "transcontinental travelers"; "a transcontinental city"


  1. transcontinental(Adjective)

    Crossing, spanning a continent.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Transcontinental(adj)

    extending or going across a continent; as, a transcontinental railroad or journey


  1. TC Transcontinental

    TC Transcontinental is a publishing, media and marketing company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. TC Transcontinental is a subsidiary of Transcontinental Inc. which has operations in Canada and the United States, and reported revenue of C$2.1 billion in 2013. On November 23 2011, Transcontinental changed their name to TC Transcontinental, to reflect their increasing presence in digital publications. Among its media properties are magazines such as Canadian Living, Coup de Pouce, Les Affaires, Elle Québec and Elle Canada, and local newspapers like The Guardian in Charlottetown, and The Telegram in St. John's. TC Transcontinental is also one of the Canadian publishing partners of Metro International, holding complete ownership of the Montreal and majority ownership of Halifax editions of the Metro free daily newspaper. TC Transcontinental is also a distributor of door-to-door advertising material in Canada, with Publisac in Quebec and Targeo in the rest of Canada. TC Transcontinental also provides custom publishing, mailing and customized email database services.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


crossing a continent

a transcontinental railway.

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