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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a pair of parallel lines of rails with their crossties, on which a railroad train, trolley, or the like runs.

    Category: Railroads

  2. a wheel rut.

  3. evidence, as a mark or a series of marks, that something has passed.

  4. Usu., tracks. footprints or other marks left by an animal, person, or vehicle.

  5. a path made or beaten by or as if by the feet of people or animals; trail.

  6. a course or route followed; line of travel.

  7. a course of action, conduct, or procedure.

  8. a series or sequence of events or ideas.

  9. a caterpillar tread.

    Category: Transportation

  10. a course laid out for running or racing. the group of sports performed on such a course, as running or hurdling, as distinguished from field events. both track and field events as a whole.

    Category: Sport

  11. a band of recorded sound laid along the length of a magnetic tape. a discrete, separate recording that is combined with other parts of a musical recording to produce the final aural version.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Hi-Fi and Audio

    Ref: band2 (def. 5). 2 6

  12. the distance between the centers of the treads of either the front or rear wheels of a motor vehicle.

    Category: Automotive

  13. one of a number of concentric rings on the surface of a floppy disk, or other computer storage medium, along which data are recorded.

    Category: Computers

  14. tracks,Slang. needle marks on the skin of a drug user caused by habitual injections.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Status (usage)

  15. a metal strip or rail along which something, as lighting or a curtain, can be mounted or moved.

    Category: Furniture

  16. a study program or level of curriculum to which a student is assigned on the basis of aptitude or need; academic course or path.

    Category: Education

  17. (v.t.)to follow or pursue the track, traces, or footprints of.

  18. to follow (a track, course, etc.).

  19. to leave footprints on (often fol. by up):

    to track the floor with muddy shoes.

  20. to make a trail of footprints with (dirt, snow, or the like).

  21. to monitor the course or path of (an aircraft, satellite, star, etc.), as by radar or radio signals.

    Category: Aeronautics

  22. to follow the course of progress of; keep track of.

  23. (v.i.)to follow or pursue a track or trail.

  24. to run in the same track, as the wheels of a vehicle.

    Category: Transportation

  25. to be in alignment, as one gearwheel with another.

    Category: Machinery

  26. to have a specified span between wheels or runners.

    Category: Transportation

  27. to follow the undulations in the grooves of a phonograph record.

    Category: Hi-Fi and Audio

  28. track down, to pursue until caught or captured; follow.

    Category: Verb Phrase

Idioms for track:

  1. keep track,to remain aware; keep informed.

    Category: Idiom

  2. lose track,to fail to keep informed; neglect to keep a record.

    Category: Idiom

  3. make tracks, hurry.

    Category: Idiom

  4. off the track,departing from the objective or the subject at hand; astray.

    Category: Idiom

  5. on the track of,in search or pursuit of; close upon.

    Category: Idiom

  6. the wrong (or right ) side of the tracks,the unfashionable, unacceptable (or fashionable, acceptable) part of a city or other community.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of track:

1425–75; late ME trak (n.) < MF trac, perh. < ON trathk trodden spot; cf. Norw trakke to trample; akin to tread


Princeton's WordNet

  1. tracker(noun)

    someone who tracks down game


  1. tracker(Noun)

    One who, or that which, tracks or pursues, as a man or dog that follows game.

  2. tracker(Noun)

    In the organ, a light strip of wood connecting (in path) a key and a pallet, to communicate motion by pulling.

  3. tracker(Noun)

    A type of computer software for composing music by aligning samples on parallel timelines.

  4. tracker(Noun)

    A musician who writes music in a tracker.

  5. tracker(Noun)

    A computer program that monitors something.

  6. tracker(Noun)

    A tracker mortgage.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Tracker(noun)

    one who, or that which, tracks or pursues, as a man or dog that follows game

  2. Tracker(noun)

    in the organ, a light strip of wood connecting (in path) a key and a pallet, to communicate motion by pulling


  1. Music tracker

    Music trackers are a type of music sequencer software used to create music. They represent music tracks as an arrangement of discrete musical notes positioned in one of several channels, at discrete chronological positions on a timeline. The file format used for saving songs is called a module file. A music tracker's musical interface is traditionally numeric: both notes and parameter changes, effects and other commands are entered with the keyboard into a grid of fixed time slots as codes consisting of letters, numbers and hexadecimal digits. Separate patterns have independent timelines; a complete song consists of a master list of repeated and concatenated patterns. Recent trackers have departed from module file limitations and advantages, adding other options both to the sound synthesis and to the sequencing, effectively becoming general purpose sequencers with a different user interface.


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