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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to move around or along with a whirling motion; whirl; eddy.

  2. to be dizzy or giddy, as the head.

  3. (v.t.)to cause to whirl; twist.

  4. (n.)a swirling movement; whirl; eddy.

  5. a twist, as of hair around the head.

  6. any curving, twisting line, shape, or form.

  7. confusion; disorder.

Origin of swirl:

1375–1425; < Scand; cf. Norw svirla, c. D zwirrelen to whirl, dial. G schwirrlen to totter

swirl′y(adj.)swirl•i•er, swirl•i•est.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. whirl, swirl, vortex, convolution(verb)

    the shape of something rotating rapidly

  2. twirl, swirl, twiddle, whirl(verb)

    turn in a twisting or spinning motion

    "The leaves swirled in the autumn wind"

  3. eddy, purl, whirlpool, swirl, whirl(verb)

    flow in a circular current, of liquids

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. swirl(verb)ɜrl

    to move in quick circles

    water swirling around the rocks; Her skirt swirled as she danced.

  2. swirlɜrl

    (of ideas or information) to be passed quickly around a group

    rumors swirling around the news room; a swirl of dust; a swirl of accusations


  1. swirl(Noun)

    a whirling eddy

  2. swirl(Noun)

    a twist or coil of something

  3. swirl(Verb)

    To twist or whirl, as an eddy

  4. swirl(Verb)

    To be arranged in a twist, spiral or whorl

Webster Dictionary

  1. Swirl(noun)

    to whirl, or cause to whirl, as in an eddy

  2. Swirl(noun)

    a whirling motion; an eddy, as of water; a whirl


  1. Swirl

    Swirl were a Sydney, Australia-based indie rock band, forming around 1990 and breaking up in 2002. They released three albums and a number of EP's, mostly through independent Sydney label Half A Cow.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a whirling or circling motion or shape

The dancers came on stage in a swirl of colour.

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