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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

suedesweɪd(n.; v.)sued•ed or suèd•ed, sued•ing or suèd•ing.

or suède

  1. (n.)kid or other leather finished with a soft, napped surface.

    Category: Clothing

  2. Also called suede′ cloth`. a fabric with a napped surface suggesting this.

    Category: Textiles

  3. (v.t.)to treat so as to raise a nap on (leather, cloth, etc.).

    Category: Textiles

  4. (v.i.)to raise a nap on leather, cloth, etc.

    Category: Textiles

Origin of suede:

1855–60; < F (gants de) Suède (gloves from) Sweden

Princeton's WordNet

  1. suede, suede leather(noun)

    leather with a napped surface

  2. suede cloth, suede(noun)

    a fabric made to resemble suede leather

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. suede(noun)ɪd

    a type of soft leather

    suede shoes


  1. suede(Noun)

    A type of soft leather, made from calfskin, with a brushed texture to resemble fabric, often used to make boots, clothing and fashion accessories.

  2. suede(Adjective)

    Made of suede

  3. Origin: Suède


  1. Suede

    Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish, commonly used for jackets, shoes, shirts, purses, furniture and other items. The term comes from the French "gants de Suède", which literally means "Swedish gloves". Suede leather is made from the underside of the skin, primarily lamb, although goat, calf and deer are commonly used. Splits from thick hides of cow and deer are also sueded, but, due to the fibre content, have a shaggy nap. Because suede does not include the tough exterior skin layer, suede is less durable but softer than standard leather. Its softness, thinness, and pliability make it suitable for clothing and delicate uses; suede was originally used for women's gloves. Suede leather is also popular in upholstery, shoes, bags, and other accessories, and as a lining for other leather products. Due to its textured nature and open pores, suede may become dirty and quickly absorb liquids.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(of) leather from a sheep or lamb etc with a soft, rough surface

suede shoes.

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