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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

stand*stænd(v.; n.)stood, stand•ing

  1. (v.i.)to be in an upright position on the feet.

  2. to rise to one's feet (often fol. by up).

  3. to have a specified height when in this position:

    He stands six feet.

  4. to remain motionless on the feet.

  5. to take a position as indicated:

    to stand aside.

  6. to adhere to a certain policy or attitude:

    We stand for free trade.

  7. (of things) to rest in an upright or vertical position.

  8. to be located or situated:

    The building stands upon the hill.

  9. (of an account, score, etc.) to remain as indicated:

    The score stands 18 to 14.

  10. to continue in force; remain valid:

    My offer still stands.

  11. to be or remain in a specified state or condition:

    I stand corrected. You stand in danger of losing your license.

  12. Chiefly Brit. to be a candidate, as for public office:

    to stand for Parliament.

    Category: British

  13. to take or hold a particular course at sea.

    Category: Navy, Nautical

  14. (of a male domestic animal) to be available as a sire, usu. for a fee.

    Category: Animal Husbandry

  15. (v.t.)to cause to stand; set upright.

  16. to undergo or submit to:

    to stand trial.

  17. to endure or withstand:

    My eyes can't stand the glare.

  18. to treat (a person) to something.

  19. to perform one's job or duty as:

    to stand watch aboard ship.

  20. stand by, to uphold; support. to adhere to; remain firm regarding. to wait, esp. in anticipation. to be ready to board transport as an alternate passenger.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  21. stand down, Law. to leave the witness stand. to step aside; withdraw, as from a competition.

    Category: Verb Phrase, Law

  22. stand for, to represent; symbolize: to advocate; favor. to tolerate; allow.

    P.S. stands for “postscript.”

    Category: Verb Phrase

  23. stand off, to keep or stay at a distance. to put off; evade.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  24. stand on, to be based on; depend on; rest on.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  25. stand out, to project; protrude. to be conspicuous or prominent.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  26. stand over, to supervise constantly. to postpone or be postponed.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  27. stand up, to be or remain convincing: to be durable or serviceable: to fail to keep an appointment with.

    The evidence won't stand up in court.

    Wool stands up better than silk.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  28. stand up for, to defend; support. to serve (a bridegroom) as best man or (a bride) as maid or matron of honor.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  29. stand up to, to encounter fearlessly; confront.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  30. (n.)the act of standing.

  31. a halt or stop.

  32. a final defensive effort:

    Custer's last stand.

  33. a determined policy, position, attitude, etc., taken or maintained:

    We must take a stand on political issues.

  34. Category: Law

    Ref: witness stand.

  35. a raised platform, as for a speaker, a band, or the like.

  36. stands, a raised section of seats for spectators; grandstand.

  37. a framework on or in which articles are placed for support, exhibition, etc.:

    a wig stand.

  38. a piece of furniture of various forms, on or in which to put articles (often used in combination):

    an umbrella stand; a washstand.

    Category: Furniture

  39. a small, light table.

    Category: Furniture

  40. a stall, booth, or the like, where articles are displayed for sale:

    a fruit stand.

  41. Category: Common Vocabulary

    Ref: newsstand.

  42. a site or location for business.

  43. a place or station occupied by vehicles available for hire:

    a taxi stand.

  44. a standing growth of trees.

    Category: Botany

  45. a stop on the tour of a theatrical company, rock group, etc., esp. for a single performance.

  46. Ref: hive (def. 2). 2

Idioms for stand:

  1. stand firm,to remain steadfast.

    Category: Idiom

  2. stand to reason,to be obvious, logical, or reasonable.

    Category: Idiom

* Syn: See bear1.

Origin of stand:

bef. 900; ME (v.), OE standan, c. ON standa, Go standan, OHG stantan, akin to L stāre to stand, sistere, Gk histánai to make stand, Skt sthā to stand

Princeton's WordNet

  1. base, pedestal, stand(noun)

    a support or foundation

    "the base of the lamp"

  2. stand(noun)

    the position where a thing or person stands

  3. stand(noun)

    a growth of similar plants (usually trees) in a particular area

    "they cut down a stand of trees"

  4. stand(noun)

    a small table for holding articles of various kinds

    "a bedside stand"

  5. rack, stand(noun)

    a support for displaying various articles

    "the newspapers were arranged on a rack"

  6. stand, standstill, tie-up(noun)

    an interruption of normal activity

  7. point of view, viewpoint, stand, standpoint(noun)

    a mental position from which things are viewed

    "we should consider this problem from the viewpoint of the Russians"; "teaching history gave him a special point of view toward current events"

  8. stall, stand, sales booth(noun)

    a booth where articles are displayed for sale

  9. stand(noun)

    a stop made by a touring musical or theatrical group to give a performance

    "a one-night stand"

  10. stand(noun)

    tiered seats consisting of a structure (often made of wood) where people can sit to watch an event (game or parade)

  11. bandstand, outdoor stage, stand(noun)

    a platform where a (brass) band can play in the open air

  12. stand(verb)

    a defensive effort

    "the army made a final stand at the Rhone"

  13. stand, stand up(verb)

    be standing; be upright

    "We had to stand for the entire performance!"

  14. stand(verb)

    be in some specified state or condition

    "I stand corrected"

  15. stand(verb)

    occupy a place or location, also metaphorically

    "We stand on common ground"

  16. stand, remain firm(verb)

    hold one's ground; maintain a position; be steadfast or upright

    "I am standing my ground and won't give in!"

  17. digest, endure, stick out, stomach, bear, stand, tolerate, support, brook, abide, suffer, put up(verb)

    put up with something or somebody unpleasant

    "I cannot bear his constant criticism"; "The new secretary had to endure a lot of unprofessional remarks"; "he learned to tolerate the heat"; "She stuck out two years in a miserable marriage"

  18. stand(verb)

    have or maintain a position or stand on an issue

    "Where do you stand on the War?"

  19. stand(verb)

    remain inactive or immobile

    "standing water"

  20. stand(verb)

    be in effect; be or remain in force

    "The law stands!"

  21. stand(verb)

    be tall; have a height of; copula

    "She stands 6 feet tall"

  22. stand, stand up, place upright(verb)

    put into an upright position

    "Can you stand the bookshelf up?"

  23. resist, stand, fend(verb)

    withstand the force of something

    "The trees resisted her"; "stand the test of time"; "The mountain climbers had to fend against the ice and snow"

  24. stand(verb)

    be available for stud services

    "male domestic animals such as stallions serve selected females"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. stand(verb)ænd

    (of a person) to be upright with your feet on the ground

    Come and stand next to me.; People stood waiting in the rain.

  2. standænd

    to move from lying, sitting, kneeling, etc. to being on your feet

    He stood and shook my hand.

  3. standænd

    to be or put sth in an upright position

    A floor lamp stood behind the chair.; Stand the bike against the wall.

  4. standænd

    used to indicate what a situation is like

    The way things stand right now, we'll be out of money in a week.; We'll wait and see where/how things stand tomorrow.

  5. standænd

    to be able to accept or deal with

    I wasn't sure if I could stand the pain.; We couldn't stand any more noise.

  6. standænd

    to reach a particular amount or level

    The national debt now stands at $20 billion.

  7. standænd

    (of a vehicle) to wait without moving

    The bus stood at the bus stop.

  8. standænd

    to be a particular height

    The statue stands 30 feet high.

  9. standænd

    to strongly dislike

    I can't stand the way he sings.; He can't stand his brother's girlfriend.

  10. standænd

    to be likely to succeed

    I don't stand a chance of getting into Harvard.

  11. standænd

    to wait behind other people for sth

    people standing in line to buy tickets

  12. standænd

    to stop the progress or development of

    I would never stand in the way of my wife's career.

  13. standænd

    to continue to exist despite sth

    The new law will not stand the test of the courts.; a movie that has stood the test of time

  14. standænd

    to be judged in a court of law for a crime

    The soldiers will stand trial next month.

  15. standænd

    used to ask what sb's belief or opinion is

    Where does she stand on the tax issue?

  16. stand(noun)ænd

    an opinion or belief

    I liked her stand on environmental issues.

  17. standænd

    to strongly state an opinion or belief

    He's not afraid to take a stand on difficult issues.

  18. standænd

    a strong attempt to stop or defend

    groups taking a stand against unhealthy food in schools

  19. standænd

    a cart, table, or covered structure where sth is sold

    She had a stand where she sold crafts.; a hot dog stand

  20. standænd

    a structure on which sth is displayed

    The figure stood on a wooden stand.

  21. standænd

    the place where sb who is giving evidence in court sits to speak

    The witness took the stand.; the expert on the stand


  1. stand(Noun)

    A defensive position or effort.

  2. stand(Noun)

    A resolute, unwavering position; firm opinion; action for a purpose in the face of opposition.

    They took a firm stand against copyright infringement.

  3. stand(Noun)

    A period of performance in a given location or venue.

  4. stand(Noun)

    A device to hold something upright or aloft.

    He set the music upon the stand and began to play.

  5. stand(Noun)

    The platform on which a witness testifies in court; the witness stand or witness box.

    She took the stand and quietly answered questions.

  6. stand(Noun)

    A particular grove or other group of trees or shrubs.

    This stand of pines is older than the one next to it.

  7. stand(Noun)

    A contiguous group of trees sufficiently uniform in age-class distribution, composition, and structure, and growing on a site of sufficiently uniform quality, to be a distinguishable unit.

  8. stand(Noun)

    A standstill, a motionless state, as of someone confused, or a hunting dog who has found game.

  9. stand(Noun)

    A small building, booth, or stage, as in a bandstand or hamburger stand.

  10. stand(Verb)

    To be upright, support oneself on the feet in an erect position.

    Here I stand, wondering what to do next.

  11. stand(Verb)

    To rise to oneu2019s feet; to stand up.

    Stand up, walk to the refrigerator, and get your own snack.

  12. stand(Verb)

    To remain motionless.

    Do not leave your car standing in the road.

  13. stand(Verb)

    To act as an umpire.

  14. stand(Verb)

    To undergo; withstand; hold up.

    The works of Shakespeare have stood the test of time.

  15. stand(Verb)

    To tolerate.

  16. stand(Verb)

    To place in an upright or standing position.

    He stood the broom in a corner and took a break.

  17. stand(Verb)

    To seek election.

    He is standing for election to the local council

  18. stand(Verb)

    Of a ship or its captain, to steer, sail (in a specified direction, for a specified destination etc.).

  19. stand(Noun)

    A designated spot where someone or something may stand or wait: taxi stand.

  20. stand(Noun)


  21. stand(Noun)

    A partnership.

  22. stand(Noun)

    A single set, as of arms.

  23. stand(Verb)

    to be valid.

    What I said yesterday still stands.

  24. Origin: From standaz.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Stand(noun)

    to be at rest in an erect position; to be fixed in an upright or firm position

  2. Stand(noun)

    to be supported on the feet, in an erect or nearly erect position; -- opposed to lie, sit, kneel, etc

  3. Stand(noun)

    to continue upright in a certain locality, as a tree fixed by the roots, or a building resting on its foundation

  4. Stand(noun)

    to occupy or hold a place; to have a situation; to be situated or located; as, Paris stands on the Seine

  5. Stand(noun)

    to cease from progress; not to proceed; to stop; to pause; to halt; to remain stationary

  6. Stand(noun)

    to remain without ruin or injury; to hold good against tendencies to impair or injure; to be permanent; to endure; to last; hence, to find endurance, strength, or resources

  7. Stand(noun)

    to maintain one's ground; to be acquitted; not to fail or yield; to be safe

  8. Stand(noun)

    to maintain an invincible or permanent attitude; to be fixed, steady, or firm; to take a position in resistance or opposition

  9. Stand(noun)

    to adhere to fixed principles; to maintain moral rectitude; to keep from falling into error or vice

  10. Stand(noun)

    to have or maintain a position, order, or rank; to be in a particular relation; as, Christian charity, or love, stands first in the rank of gifts

  11. Stand(noun)

    to be in some particular state; to have essence or being; to be; to consist

  12. Stand(noun)

    to be consistent; to agree; to accord

  13. Stand(noun)

    to hold a course at sea; as, to stand from the shore; to stand for the harbor

  14. Stand(noun)

    to offer one's self, or to be offered, as a candidate

  15. Stand(noun)

    to stagnate; not to flow; to be motionless

  16. Stand(noun)

    to measure when erect on the feet

  17. Stand(noun)

    to be or remain as it is; to continue in force; to have efficacy or validity; to abide

  18. Stand(noun)

    to appear in court

  19. Stand(verb)

    to endure; to sustain; to bear; as, I can not stand the cold or the heat

  20. Stand(verb)

    to resist, without yielding or receding; to withstand

  21. Stand(verb)

    to abide by; to submit to; to suffer

  22. Stand(verb)

    to set upright; to cause to stand; as, to stand a book on the shelf; to stand a man on his feet

  23. Stand(verb)

    to be at the expense of; to pay for; as, to stand a treat

  24. Stand(verb)

    the act of standing

  25. Stand(verb)

    a halt or stop for the purpose of defense, resistance, or opposition; as, to come to, or to make, a stand

  26. Stand(verb)

    a place or post where one stands; a place where one may stand while observing or waiting for something

  27. Stand(verb)

    a station in a city or town where carriages or wagons stand for hire; as, a cab stand

  28. Stand(verb)

    a raised platform or station where a race or other outdoor spectacle may be viewed; as, the judge's or the grand stand at a race course

  29. Stand(verb)

    a small table; also, something on or in which anything may be laid, hung, or placed upright; as, a hat stand; an umbrella stand; a music stand

  30. Stand(verb)

    a place where a witness stands to testify in court

  31. Stand(verb)

    the situation of a shop, store, hotel, etc.; as, a good, bad, or convenient stand for business

  32. Stand(verb)

    rank; post; station; standing

  33. Stand(verb)

    a state of perplexity or embarrassment; as, to be at a stand what to do

  34. Stand(verb)

    a young tree, usually reserved when other trees are cut; also, a tree growing or standing upon its own root, in distinction from one produced from a scion set in a stock, either of the same or another kind of tree

  35. Stand(verb)

    a weight of from two hundred and fifty to three hundred pounds, -- used in weighing pitch


  1. Stand!

    "Stand!" is a 1969 song by the soul/rock/funk band Sly and the Family Stone. The song's title and lyrics are a call for its listeners to "stand" up for themselves, their communities, and what they believe in. Like nearly all of Sly & the Family Stone's songs, Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart was credited as the sole songwriter. The original mix of "Stand!" garnered a warm, yet unenthusiastic, reaction when Sly Stone had an early acetate of the record played in a San Francisco club. As a result, Stone went back into the studio and had the song's final section, a fevered gospel music-styled break, rerecorded. Most of the Family Stone was unavailable for the session, and Stone resorted to using mostly studio musicians for the rerecorded section. "I Want to Take You Higher", the b-side of "Stand!", was also a hit single in 1969/1970. In 2004 the song was ranked #241 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'stand' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #1206

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'stand' in Written Corpus Frequency: #724

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'stand' in Nouns Frequency: #1523

  4. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'stand' in Verbs Frequency: #63

Anagrams of stand

  1. dasn't

  2. Dasnt

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a position or place in which to stand ready to fight etc, or an act of fighting etc

The guard took up his stand at the gate; I shall make a stand for what I believe is right.

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