Definitions for somersaultˈsʌm ərˌsɔlt; -ˌsɛt

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

som•er•saultˈsʌm ərˌsɔlt; -ˌsɛt(n.)

  1. an acrobatic movement, either forward or backward, in which the body rolls end over end, making a complete revolution.

    Category: Sport

  2. such a movement performed in the air as part of a dive, tumbling routine, etc.

    Category: Sport

  3. (v.i.)to perform a somersault.

    Category: Sport

Origin of somersault:

1520–30; < MF sombresaut, alter. of sobresault. lit., overleap

Princeton's WordNet

  1. somersault, somerset, summersault, summerset, somersaulting, flip(verb)

    an acrobatic feat in which the feet roll over the head (either forward or backward) and return

  2. somersault(verb)

    do a somersault

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. somersault(noun)ˈsʌm ərˌsɔlt

    when sb curls their body and rolls forward or backward on the floor or in the air

    to do a somersault


  1. somersault(Noun)

    In gymnastics, an act where the gymnast turns head over heels

  2. somersault(Verb)

    To perform a somersault.

    The performer somersaulted all the way across the stage.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Somersault(noun)

    alt. of Somerset


  1. Somersault

    A somersault is an acrobatic exercise in which a person's body revolves 360° with feet passing over the head. A somersault can be performed either forwards, backwards, or sideways and can be executed in the air or on the ground. When performed on the ground it is normally called a roll.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a leap or roll in which a person turns with his feet going over his head.

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