Definitions for sogdianˈsɒg di ən

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  1. Sogdian(Noun)

    A native of Sogdiana

  2. Sogdian(Adjective)

    of or relating to Sogdiana

  3. Sogdian(ProperNoun)

    An extinct Middle Iranian language spoken around Sogdiana.


  1. Sogdian language

    The Sogdian language was an Eastern Iranian language spoken in the Central Asian region of Sogdia, located in modern-day Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Sogdian is one of the most important Middle Iranian languages, along with Bactrian, Khotanese Saka, Middle Persian and Parthian. It possesses a large literary corpus. The Sogdian language is usually assigned to a Northeastern group of the Iranian languages, although this is a Sprachbund rather than a genetic group. No direct evidence of an earlier version of the language has been found, although mention of the area in the Old Persian inscriptions means that a separate and recognisable Sogdia existed at least since the Achaemenid Empire. Like Khotanese, Sogdian possesses a more conservative grammar and morphology than Middle Persian. The modern Eastern Iranian language Yaghnobi is the descendant of a dialect of Sogdian spoken around the 8th century in Ustrashana, a region to the south of Sogdia.


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