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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

slackslæk(adj.; adv.; n.; v.)slack•er, slack•est

  1. (adj.)not tight, taut, firm, or tense; loose:

    a slack rope.

  2. negligent; careless; remiss.

  3. slow, sluggish, or indolent:

    slack in answering letters.

  4. not active or busy; dull; not brisk:

    the slack season in an industry.

  5. moving very slowly, as the tide, wind, or water.

  6. weak; lax.

  7. (adv.)in a slack manner.

  8. (n.)a slack condition or part.

  9. the part of a rope, sail, or the like, that hangs loose, without strain upon it.

  10. a decrease in activity, as in business or work.

  11. a period of decreased activity.

  12. a cessation in a strong flow, as of a current.

    Category: Oceanography

  13. (v.t.)to be remiss in respect to (some matter, duty, right, etc.); shirk; leave undone.

  14. to make or allow to become less active, vigorous, intense, etc.; relax (efforts, labor, speed, etc.) (often fol. by up).

  15. to make loose, or less tense or taut, as a rope; loosen (often fol. by off or out).

  16. (v.i.)to be remiss; shirk one's duty or part.

  17. to become less active, vigorous, rapid, etc. (often fol. by up or off).

  18. to become less tense or taut, as a rope; ease off.

Origin of slack:

bef. 900; ME slac (adj.), OE sleac, slæc, c. OS slak, OHG slach, ON slakr; akin to L laxuslax



  1. the fine screenings of coal.

    Category: Mining

Origin of slack:

1400–50; late ME sleck

Princeton's WordNet

  1. slack(noun)

    dust consisting of a mixture of small coal fragments and coal dust and dirt that sifts out when coal is passed over a sieve

  2. slump, slack, drop-off, falloff, falling off(noun)

    a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality

    "the team went into a slump"; "a gradual slack in output"; "a drop-off in attendance"; "a falloff in quality"

  3. slack, slack water(noun)

    a stretch of water without current or movement

    "suddenly they were in a slack and the water was motionless"

  4. mire, quagmire, quag, morass, slack(noun)

    a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot

  5. slack, slackness(noun)

    the quality of being loose (not taut)

    "he hadn't counted on the slackness of the rope"

  6. slack(adj)

    a cord or rope or cable that is hanging loosely

    "he took up the slack"

  7. loose, slack(adj)

    not tense or taut

    "the old man's skin hung loose and grey"; "slack and wrinkled skin"; "slack sails"; "a slack rope"

  8. slack(adj)

    flowing with little speed as e.g. at the turning of the tide

    "slack water"

  9. lax, slack(verb)

    lacking in rigor or strictness

    "such lax and slipshod ways are no longer acceptable"; "lax in attending classes"; "slack in maintaining discipline"

  10. slack(verb)

    avoid responsibilities and work, be idle

  11. slack(verb)

    be inattentive to, or neglect

    "He slacks his attention"

  12. slack(verb)

    release tension on

    "slack the rope"

  13. slack, slacken, slack up, relax(verb)

    make less active or fast

    "He slackened his pace as he got tired"; "Don't relax your efforts now"

  14. slow, slow down, slow up, slack, slacken(verb)

    become slow or slower

    "Production slowed"

  15. slake, abate, slack(verb)

    make less active or intense

  16. abate, let up, slack off, slack, die away(verb)

    become less in amount or intensity

    "The storm abated"; "The rain let up after a few hours"

  17. slack, slake(verb)

    cause to heat and crumble by treatment with water

    "slack lime"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. slack(noun)æk

    looseness in a rope, strap, etc.

    the slack in the reins

  2. slackæk

    to do work that is not being done by sb else

    The railroads are taking up the slack where airlines have failed.

  3. slackæk

    to not be too critical of sb

    Cut him some slack - he's just a kid.

  4. slack(adjective)æk

    (of a rope, strap, etc.) not pulled tight; = loose

    The fishing line went slack.

  5. slackæk

    (of a business) not busy or making enough money

    Sales are slack right now.

  6. slackæk

    not making enough of an effort

    the team's slack performance last night

  7. slack(verb)æk

    to not work hard enough

    You can't slack off during exams.


  1. slack(Noun)

    Small coal; coal dust.

  2. slack(Noun)

    A valley, or small, shallow dell.

  3. slack(Noun)

    The part of anything that hangs loose, having no strain upon it.

    The slack of a rope or of a sail.

  4. slack(Noun)

    A tidal marsh or shallow, that periodically fills and drains.

  5. slack(Verb)

    To mitigate; to reduce the strength of.

  6. slack(Verb)

    to procrastinate; to be lazy

  7. slack(Verb)

    to refuse or dislike exerting effort

  8. slack(Adverb)


    slack dried hops

  9. slack(Adjective)

    Lax; not tense; not hard drawn; not firmly extended.

    a slack rope

  10. slack(Adjective)

    Weak; not holding fast.

    a slack hand

  11. slack(Adjective)

    Remiss; backward; not using due diligence or care; not earnest or eager.

    slack in duty or service

  12. slack(Adjective)

    Not violent, rapid, or pressing.

    Business is slack.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Slack(noun)

    small coal; also, coal dust; culm

  2. Slack(noun)

    a valley, or small, shallow dell

  3. Slack

    lax; not tense; not hard drawn; not firmly extended; as, a slack rope

  4. Slack

    weak; not holding fast; as, a slack hand

  5. Slack

    remiss; backward; not using due diligence or care; not earnest or eager; as, slack in duty or service

  6. Slack

    not violent, rapid, or pressing; slow; moderate; easy; as, business is slack

  7. Slack(adverb)

    slackly; as, slack dried hops

  8. Slack(noun)

    the part of anything that hangs loose, having no strain upon it; as, the slack of a rope or of a sail

  9. Slack(adj)

    alt. of Slacken

  10. Slack(verb)

    alt. of Slacken

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. slack

    1. Space allocated to a disk file but not actually used to store useful information. The techspeak equivalent is ‘internal fragmentation’. Antonym: hole. 2. In the theology of the Church of the SubGenius, a mystical substance or quality that is the prerequisite of all human happiness.Since Unix files are stored compactly, except for the unavoidable wastage in the last block or fragment, it might be said that “Unix has no slack”. See ha ha only serious.

Anagrams of slack

  1. lacks

  2. calks

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loose; not firmly stretched

Leave the rope slack.

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