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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

si•salˈsaɪ səl, ˈsɪs əl(n.)

  1. Also called si′sal hemp`. a fiber yielded by an agave, Agave sisalana, of Yucatán, used esp. for making rope or rugs.

    Category: Plants

  2. the plant itself.

    Category: Plants

Origin of sisal:

1835–45; after Sisal, port in Yucatán

Princeton's WordNet

  1. sisal, sisal hemp(noun)

    a plant fiber used for making rope

  2. sisal, Agave sisalana(noun)

    Mexican or West Indian plant with large fleshy leaves yielding a stiff fiber used in e.g. rope


  1. sisal(Noun)

    A Central American plant, of the genus Agave, cultivated for its sword-shaped leaves that yield fibers used for rope.

  2. sisal(Noun)

    The fibre of the plant.

  3. sisal(Noun)

    A sisal mat.

  4. Origin: Named after .


  1. SISAL

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Anagrams of sisal

  1. Silas

  2. sails

  3. lassi

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(of) a type of fibre from a kind of Central American plant, used in making ropes etc.

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