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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ser•voˈsɜr voʊ(adj.; n.)(pl.)-vos.

  1. (adj.)acting as part of a servomechanism:

    a servo amplifier.

    Category: Electronics

  2. pertaining to or concerned with servomechanisms:

    a servo engineer.

    Category: Electronics

  3. noting the action of certain mechanisms, as brakes, that are set in operation by other mechanisms but which themselves augment the force of that action by the way in which they operate.

    Category: Machinery

  4. Category: Electronics, Informal

    Ref: servomechanism .

  5. Category: Electronics

    Ref: servomotor .

Origin of servo:

1945–50; independent use of servo -


  1. a combining form used in the names of devices or operations that employ a servomechanism:


    Category: Affix

Origin of servo-:

extracted from servomotor

Princeton's WordNet

  1. servo, servomechanism, servosystem(adj)

    control system that converts a small mechanical motion into one requiring much greater power; may include a negative feedback system

  2. servomechanical, servo(adj)

    of or involving servomechanisms


  1. servo(Noun)

    A servomechanism or servomotor.

  2. servo(Noun)

    Abbreviation of service station, being a place to buy petrol for cars etc., as well as various convenience items, with or without actual car service facilities.

    Man arrested after allegedly driving car through servo uE000127278uE001 title of Australian Broadcasting Commission News Radio item, 3 June 2005

Anagrams of servo

  1. Overs

  2. Roves

  3. Verso

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