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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

sand•yˈsæn di(adj.)sand•i•er, sand•i•est.

  1. of the nature of or consisting of sand.

  2. containing or covered with sand.

  3. of a yellowish red color:

    sandy hair.

Origin of sandy:

bef. 1000

San•dyˈsæn di(n.)

  1. a town in central Utah, S of Salt Lake City. 75,058.

    Category: Geography (places)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. flaxen, sandy(adj)

    of hair color; pale yellowish to yellowish brown

    "flaxen locks"

  2. arenaceous, sandy, sandlike(adj)

    resembling or containing or abounding in sand; or growing in sandy areas

    "arenaceous limestone"; "arenaceous grasses"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. sandy(adjective)ˈsæn di

    covered with or containing sand

    a sandy beach


  1. sandy(Adjective)

    Covered with sand.

  2. sandy(Adjective)

    Sprinkled with sand.

  3. sandy(Adjective)

    Like sand, especially in texture.

  4. Sandy(Noun)

    Shortened form of Sand Dancer.

  5. Sandy(Noun)

    The A-1 Sky Raider aircraft.

  6. Sandy(ProperNoun)

    A diminutive of the male given name Alexander.

  7. Sandy(ProperNoun)

    A diminutive of the female given names Sandra and Alexandra.

  8. Sandy(ProperNoun)

    A small town in Bedfordshire, England.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Sandy

    consisting of, abounding with, or resembling, sand; full of sand; covered or sprinkled with sand; as, a sandy desert, road, or soil

  2. Sandy

    of the color of sand; of a light yellowish red color; as, sandy hair


  1. Sandy

    Sandy is a city located in Clackamas County, Oregon, United States, and named after the nearby Sandy River. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 9,570. The city serves as the western gateway to the Mount Hood Corridor.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


filled or covered with sand

a sandy beach.

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