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Princeton's WordNet

  1. barroom, bar, saloon, ginmill, taproom(noun)

    a room or establishment where alcoholic drinks are served over a counter

    "he drowned his sorrows in whiskey at the bar"

  2. public house, pub, saloon, pothouse, gin mill, taphouse(noun)

    tavern consisting of a building with a bar and public rooms; often provides light meals

  3. sedan, saloon(noun)

    a car that is closed and that has front and rear seats and two or four doors


  1. saloon(Noun)

    The most common body style for modern cars, with a boot or trunk.

  2. saloon(Noun)

    A tavern, especially in an American Old West setting.

  3. saloon(Noun)

    A lounge bar in an English public house, contrast with public bar.

  4. saloon(Noun)

    The cabin area of a boat or yacht devoted to seated relaxation, often combined with dining table.

  5. saloon(Noun)

    the part of a rail carriage or multiple unit containing seating for passengers.

  6. Origin: salon, either augmentative of salle, or borrowed from Italian salone, augmentative form of salla; in both cases borrowed from a source such as sal, from salan, from sol-, derived from sel-

Webster Dictionary

  1. Saloon(noun)

    a spacious and elegant apartment for the reception of company or for works of art; a hall of reception, esp. a hall for public entertainments or amusements; a large room or parlor; as, the saloon of a steamboat

  2. Saloon(noun)

    popularly, a public room for specific uses; esp., a barroom or grogshop; as, a drinking saloon; an eating saloon; a dancing saloon

  3. Origin: [F. salon (cf. It. salone), fr. F. salle a large room, a hall, of German or Dutch origin; cf. OHG. sal house, hall, G. saal; akin to AS. sael, sele, D. zaal, Icel. salr, Goth. saljan to dwell, and probably to L. solum ground. Cf. Sole of the foot, Soil ground, earth.]

The Roycroft Dictionary

  1. saloon

    The poor man's club; run with intent to make the poor man poorer.

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