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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a social or official position or standing, as in the armed forces:

    the rank of captain.

  2. high position or station:

    a person of rank.

  3. relative position or standing:

    a writer of the first rank.

  4. a row or series of things or persons.

  5. a number of persons forming a separate class, as in a social hierarchy.

  6. ranks, the members of an armed service apart from its officers; enlisted personnel. military enlisted personnel as a group.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Military

  7. Usu., ranks. the general body of any organization apart from the officers or leaders.

  8. orderly arrangement; array.

  9. a line of persons, esp. soldiers, standing abreast in close-order formation

    Ref: (disting. from file). 1 1

  10. one of the horizontal lines of squares on a chessboard.

    Category: Checkers and Chess

  11. a set of organ pipes of the same kind and tonal color.

    Category: Music and Dance

  12. Mining. the classification of coal according to hardness, from lignite to anthracite.

    Category: Mining

  13. (v.t.)to arrange in ranks or in regular formation.

  14. to assign to a particular position, class, etc.:

    to be ranked among the experts.

  15. to outrank.

  16. (v.i.)to form a rank or ranks.

  17. to take up or occupy a place in a particular rank, class, etc.:

    to rank first in her class.

  18. to have rank or standing.

  19. to be the senior in rank.

Idioms for rank:

  1. break ranks, to leave an assigned position in a military formation. to withdraw support from one's colleagues, political party, or the like.

    Category: Idiom, Common Vocabulary

Origin of rank:

1560–70; < MF ranc (n.), OF renc, ranc, rang row, line


rankræŋk(adj.)-er, -est.

  1. growing with excessive luxuriance; vigorous and tall of growth.

    Category: Botany

  2. having an offensive smell or taste:

    a rank cigar.

  3. utter; absolute:

    a rank amateur.

  4. highly offensive to one's moral sense; disgusting.

  5. grossly coarse or vulgar:

    rank language.

Origin of rank:

bef. 1000; ME; OE ranc bold, proud; c. ON rakkr straight, bold


Princeton's WordNet

  1. rank(noun)

    a row or line of people (especially soldiers or police) standing abreast of one another

    "the entrance was guarded by ranks of policemen"

  2. rank(noun)

    relative status

    "his salary was determined by his rank and seniority"

  3. rank and file, rank(noun)

    the ordinary members of an organization (such as the enlisted soldiers of an army)

    "the strike was supported by the union rank and file"; "he rose from the ranks to become a colonel"

  4. social station, social status, social rank, rank(noun)

    position in a social hierarchy

    "the British are more aware of social status than Americans are"

  5. membership, rank(adj)

    the body of members of an organization or group

    "they polled their membership"; "they found dissension in their own ranks"; "he joined the ranks of the unemployed"

  6. rank(adj)

    very fertile; producing profuse growth

    "rank earth"

  7. rank(adj)

    very offensive in smell or taste

    "a rank cigar"

  8. crying(a), egregious, flagrant, glaring, gross, rank(adj)

    conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible

    "a crying shame"; "an egregious lie"; "flagrant violation of human rights"; "a glaring error"; "gross ineptitude"; "gross injustice"; "rank treachery"

  9. absolute, downright, out-and-out(a), rank(a), right-down, sheer(a)(adj)

    complete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers

    "absolute freedom"; "an absolute dimwit"; "a downright lie"; "out-and-out mayhem"; "an out-and-out lie"; "a rank outsider"; "many right-down vices"; "got the job through sheer persistence"; "sheer stupidity"

  10. rank(verb)

    growing profusely

    "rank jungle vegetation"

  11. rank(verb)

    take or have a position relative to others

    "This painting ranks among the best in the Western World"

  12. rate, rank, range, order, grade, place(verb)

    assign a rank or rating to

    "how would you rank these students?"; "The restaurant is rated highly in the food guide"

  13. rank, outrank(verb)

    take precedence or surpass others in rank

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. rank(noun)æŋk

    sb's position or level in relation to others in the same group

    the rank of sergeant

  2. rankæŋk

    a group of people with similar goals or characteristics

    an author who has joined the ranks of the great science fiction writers

  3. rankæŋk

    to state you do not agree with the group you are part of

    a military chief who broke ranks to criticize the war

  4. rankæŋk

    (of a group) to protect group members against people from outside the group

    The party closed ranks and attacked the opposition.

  5. rank(verb)æŋk

    to be or put in a particular position or level in relation to others

    I ranked the movie 10 out of 15.; He's ranked amongst the country's top 20 tennis players.; a restaurant that ranks high/low in my opinion

Webster Dictionary

  1. Rank

    luxuriant in growth; of vigorous growth; exuberant; grown to immoderate height; as, rank grass; rank weeds

  2. Rank

    raised to a high degree; violent; extreme; gross; utter; as, rank heresy

  3. Rank

    causing vigorous growth; producing luxuriantly; very rich and fertile; as, rank land

  4. Rank

    strong-scented; rancid; musty; as, oil of a rank smell; rank-smelling rue

  5. Rank

    strong to the taste

  6. Rank

    inflamed with venereal appetite

  7. Rank(adverb)

    rankly; stoutly; violently

  8. Rank

    a row or line; a range; an order; a tier; as, a rank of osiers

  9. Rank

    a line of soldiers ranged side by side; -- opposed to file. See 1st File, 1 (a)

  10. Rank

    grade of official standing, as in the army, navy, or nobility; as, the rank of general; the rank of admiral

  11. Rank

    an aggregate of individuals classed together; a permanent social class; an order; a division; as, ranks and orders of men; the highest and the lowest ranks of men, or of other intelligent beings

  12. Rank

    degree of dignity, eminence, or excellence; position in civil or social life; station; degree; grade; as, a writer of the first rank; a lawyer of high rank

  13. Rank

    elevated grade or standing; high degree; high social position; distinction; eminence; as, a man of rank

  14. Rank(verb)

    to place abreast, or in a line

  15. Rank(verb)

    to range in a particular class, order, or division; to class; also, to dispose methodically; to place in suitable classes or order; to classify

  16. Rank(verb)

    to take rank of; to outrank

  17. Rank(verb)

    to be ranged; to be set or disposed, as in a particular degree, class, order, or division

  18. Rank(verb)

    to have a certain grade or degree of elevation in the orders of civil or military life; to have a certain degree of esteem or consideration; as, he ranks with the first class of poets; he ranks high in public estimation


  1. RANK

    Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor κ B, also known as TRANCE Receptor, is a type I membrane protein that is expressed on the surface of osteoclasts and is involved in their activation upon ligand binding. RANK is also expressed on dendritic cells and facilitates immune signaling. RANKL is found on the surface of stromal cells, osteoblasts, and T cells.

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'rank' in Nouns Frequency: #1277

Anagrams of rank

  1. ARNK

  2. Knar

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complete; absolute

rank stupidity; The race was won by a rank outsider.

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