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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

raf•fleˈræf əl(n.; v.)-fled, -fling.

  1. (n.)a form of lottery in which a number of persons buy one or more chances to win a prize.

  2. (v.t.)to dispose of by a raffle (often fol. by off).

  3. (v.i.)to take part in a raffle.

Origin of raffle:

1350–1400; rafle dice game < MF, der. of rafler to snatch

raf•fleˈræf əl(n.)

  1. rubbish.

  2. a tangle, as of nautical ropes or canvas.

    Category: Nautical, Navy

Origin of raffle:

1790–1800; perh. raff+ -le

Princeton's WordNet

  1. raffle(verb)

    a lottery in which the prizes are goods rather than money

  2. raffle, raffle off(verb)

    dispose of in a lottery

    "We raffled off a trip to the Bahamas"


  1. raffle(Noun)

    A drawing, often held as a fundraiser, in which tickets or chances are sold to win a prize.

    He entered a raffle to win a lifetime supply of toothpaste, but he did not win.

  2. raffle(Verb)

    To award something by means of a raffle or random drawing, often used with off.

    They raffled off four gift baskets.

  3. Origin: From rafle, from rafle, raffle, from rafler, of origin, from Old *, from hrapōnan, from (s)kreb(h)-, from (s)ker-. Cognate with raffel, raffen, hreppan.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Raffle

    a kind of lottery, in which several persons pay, in shares, the value of something put up as a stake, and then determine by chance (as by casting dice) which one of them shall become the sole possessor

  2. Raffle

    a game of dice in which he who threw three alike won all the stakes

  3. Raffle(verb)

    to engage in a raffle; as, to raffle for a watch

  4. Raffle(verb)

    to dispose of by means of a raffle; -- often followed by off; as, to raffle off a horse


  1. Raffle

    A raffle is a gambling competition in which people obtain numbered tickets, each ticket having the chance of winning a prize. At a set time, the winners are drawn from a container holding a copy of every number. The drawn tickets are checked against a collection of prizes with numbers attached to them, and the holder of the ticket wins the prize. The raffle is a popular game in numerous countries and is often held to raise funds for a specific charity or event.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a way of raising money by selling numbered tickets, one or more of which win a prize

I won this doll in a raffle; (also adjective) raffle tickets.

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