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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

quo•ta•tionkwoʊˈteɪ ʃən(n.)

  1. something quoted; a passage quoted from a book, speech, etc.

  2. the act or practice of quoting.

  3. the statement of the current or market price of a commodity or security.

    Category: Business

Origin of quotation:

1525–35; < ML quotātiō=quotā(re) to quote+ L -tiō -tion

Princeton's WordNet

  1. citation, cite, acknowledgment, credit, reference, mention, quotation(noun)

    a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage

    "the student's essay failed to list several important citations"; "the acknowledgments are usually printed at the front of a book"; "the article includes mention of similar clinical cases"

  2. quotation, quote, citation(noun)

    a passage or expression that is quoted or cited

  3. quotation(noun)

    a statement of the current market price of a security or commodity

  4. quotation(noun)

    the practice of quoting from books or plays etc.

    "since he lacks originality he must rely on quotation"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. quotation(noun)ʊˈteɪ ʃən

    a part of sth sb has said, written, etc. that is repeated

    a quotation from Shakespeare

  2. quotationʊˈteɪ ʃən

    an estimate of how much sth will cost

    ***a quotation for the building work


  1. quotation(Noun)

    A fragment of a human expression that is being referred to by somebody else. Most often a quotation is taken from literature, but also sentences from a speech, scenes from a movie, elements of a painting, etc. may be quoted.

    "Where they burn books, they will also burn people" is a famous quotation from Heinrich Heine.

  2. quotation(Noun)

    The act of naming a price; the price that has been quoted.

    Let's get a quotation for repairing the roof before we decide whether it's worth doing.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quotation(noun)

    the act of quoting or citing

  2. Quotation(noun)

    that which is quoted or cited; a part of a book or writing named, repeated, or adduced as evidence or illustration

  3. Quotation(noun)

    the naming or publishing of the current price of stocks, bonds, or any commodity; also the price named

  4. Quotation(noun)

    quota; share

  5. Quotation(noun)

    a piece of hollow type metal, lower than type, and measuring two or more pica ems in length and breadth, used in the blank spaces at the beginning and end of chapters, etc


  1. Quotation

    A quotation is the repetition of one expression as part of another one, particularly when the quoted expression is well-known or explicitly attributed by citation to its original source, and it is indicated by quotation marks. A quotation can also refer to the repeated use of units of any other form of expression, especially parts of artistic works: elements of a painting, scenes from a movie or sections from a musical composition.

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'quotation' in Nouns Frequency: #2792

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a person's exact words, as repeated by someone else

a quotation from Shakespeare.

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