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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

quick•enˈkwɪk ən(v.t.)

  1. to make more rapid; accelerate; hasten:

    She quickened her pace.

  2. to give vigor to; stimulate:

    to quicken the imagination.

  3. to restore life to; revive:

    The spring rains quickened the earth.

  4. (v.i.)to become more rapid:

    This drug causes the pulse to quicken.

  5. to become alive.

    Category: Medicine

  6. to enter that stage of pregnancy in which the fetus gives indications of life.

    Category: Medicine

  7. (of a fetus in the womb) to begin to manifest signs of life.

    Category: Medicine

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. accelerate, speed up, speed, quicken(verb)

    move faster

    "The car accelerated"

  2. whet, quicken(verb)

    make keen or more acute

    "whet my appetite"

  3. quicken, invigorate(verb)

    give life or energy to

    "The cold water invigorated him"

  4. quicken(verb)

    show signs of life

    "the fetus quickened"

  5. animate, recreate, reanimate, revive, renovate, repair, quicken, vivify, revivify(verb)

    give new life or energy to

    "A hot soup will revive me"; "This will renovate my spirits"; "This treatment repaired my health"


  1. quicken(Noun)

    The European rowan tree.

  2. quicken(Verb)

    To give life to; to animate, make alive, revive.

  3. quicken(Verb)

    To come back to life, receive life.

  4. quicken(Verb)

    To take on a state of activity or vigour comparable to life; to be roused, excited.

  5. quicken(Verb)

    To make quicker; to hasten, speed up.

  6. quicken(Verb)

    To become faster.

    My heartbeat quickened when I heard him approach.

  7. Origin: From . Compare Swedish kvickna, Danish kvikne.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quicken(adj)

    to make alive; to vivify; to revive or resuscitate, as from death or an inanimate state; hence, to excite; to, stimulate; to incite

  2. Quicken(adj)

    to make lively, active, or sprightly; to impart additional energy to; to stimulate; to make quick or rapid; to hasten; to accelerate; as, to quicken one's steps or thoughts; to quicken one's departure or speed

  3. Quicken(adj)

    to shorten the radius of (a curve); to make (a curve) sharper; as, to quicken the sheer, that is, to make its curve more pronounced

  4. Quicken(verb)

    to come to life; to become alive; to become vivified or enlivened; hence, to exhibit signs of life; to move, as the fetus in the womb

  5. Quicken(verb)

    to move with rapidity or activity; to become accelerated; as, his pulse quickened


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to make or become quicker

He quickened his pace.

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