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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

quan•tizeˈkwɒn taɪz(v.t.)-tized, -tiz•ing.

  1. to restrict (a variable quantity) to discrete values rather than to a continuous set of values.

    Category: Physics, Math

  2. to use quantum mechanics to calculate or express (the behavior of a physical system).

Origin of quantize:

1920–25; quant (um ) + -ize


Princeton's WordNet

  1. quantize, quantise(verb)

    approximate (a signal varying continuously in amplitude) by one whose amplitude is restricted to a prescribed set of discrete values

  2. quantize, quantise(verb)

    apply quantum theory to; restrict the number of possible values of (a quantity) or states of (a physical entity or system) so that certain variables can assume only certain discrete magnitudes that are integral multiples of a common factor

    "Quantize gravity"


  1. quantize(Verb)

    To limit the number of possible values of a quantity, or states of a system, by applying the rules of quantum mechanics

  2. quantize(Verb)

    To approximate a continuously varying signal by one whose amplitude can only have a set of discrete values

  3. quantize(Verb)

    To shift each beat in a rhythmic pattern to the nearest beat of a given resolution (eighth note, sixteenth note, etc.), or to adjust the frequency or pitch of a note to the nearest perfect tone in a given musical scale

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