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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

quan•da•ry*ˈkwɒn də ri, -dri(n.)(pl.)-ries.

  1. a state of perplexity or uncertainty, esp. as to what to do; dilemma.

* Syn: See predicament.

Origin of quandary:

1570–80; perh. fancifully < L quand(ō) when +-āre inf. suffix

Princeton's WordNet

  1. predicament, quandary, plight(noun)

    a situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one

    "finds himself in a most awkward predicament"; "the woeful plight of homeless people"

  2. dilemma, quandary(noun)

    state of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options


  1. quandary(Noun)

    A state of not knowing what to decide; a state of difficulty or perplexity; a state of uncertainty, hesitation or puzzlement; a pickle; a predicament.

  2. quandary(Noun)

    A dilemma, a difficult decision or choice.

  3. Origin: 16th century. Origin unknown; perhaps a dialectal corruption (simulating a word of Latin origin with suffix -ary) of wandreth, from wandreth, from vandræði, from vandr.\

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quandary(noun)

    a state of difficulty or perplexity; doubt; uncertainty

  2. Quandary(verb)

    to bring into a state of uncertainty, perplexity, or difficulty

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a state of uncertainty; a situation in which it is difficult to decide what to do.

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