Definitions for quadrupletkwɒˈdrʌp lɪt, -ˈdru plɪt, ˈkwɒd rʊ plɪt

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

quad•ru•pletkwɒˈdrʌp lɪt, -ˈdru plɪt, ˈkwɒd rʊ plɪt(n.)

  1. any group or combination of four.

  2. quadruplets, four children or offspring born of one pregnancy.

    Category: Medicine

  3. one of four such children or offspring.

    Category: Medicine

  4. Music. a group of four notes of equal value performed in the time normally taken for three.

    Category: Music and Dance

Origin of quadruplet:

1780–90; on the model of triplet

Princeton's WordNet

  1. four, 4, IV, tetrad, quatern, quaternion, quaternary, quaternity, quartet, quadruplet, foursome, Little Joe(noun)

    the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one

  2. quadruplet, quad(noun)

    one of four children born at the same time from the same pregnancy

  3. quartet, quartette, quadruplet, quadruple(noun)

    a set of four similar things considered as a unit


  1. quadruplet(Noun)

    One of a group of four babies born from the same mother during the same birth.

  2. quadruplet(Noun)

    Sequence of four elements.

  3. Origin: From quadruple and -et.

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(abbreviation quad

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