Definitions for quadruplekwɒˈdru pəl, -ˈdrʌp əl, ˈkwɒd rʊ pəl

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. quartet, quartette, quadruplet, quadruple(noun)

    a set of four similar things considered as a unit

  2. quadruple(adj)

    a quantity that is four times as great as another

  3. quadruple, quadruplicate, quadruplex, fourfold, four-fold(adj)

    having four units or components

    "quadruple rhythm has four beats per measure"; "quadruplex wire"

  4. quadruple, fourfold, four-fold(verb)

    four times as great or many

    "a fourfold increase in the dosage"

  5. quadruple(verb)

    increase fourfold

    "His stock earning quadrupled"


  1. quadruple(Verb)

    To multiply something by four times.

    Our profits quadrupled when we made the improvements.

  2. quadruple(Adjective)

    Being four times as long, as big or as many of something.

    He's quite an athlete and can do quadruple jumps with ease.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quadruple(adj)

    fourfold; as, to make quadruple restitution; a quadruple alliance

  2. Quadruple(noun)

    four times the sum or number; a fourfold amount; as, to receive to quadruple of the amount in damages

  3. Quadruple(verb)

    to multiply by four; to increase fourfold; to double; to double twice

  4. Quadruple(verb)

    to be multiplied by four; to increase fourfold; to become four times as much

  5. Origin: [L. quadruplus, from quattuor four: cf. F. quadruple. See Quadrate, and cf. Double.]

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