Definitions for quadrupedˈkwɒd rʊˌpɛd

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. quadruped(adj)

    an animal especially a mammal having four limbs specialized for walking

  2. quadrupedal, quadruped, four-footed(adj)

    having four feet


  1. quadruped(Noun)

    a four-footed or four-legged animal

  2. quadruped(Noun)

    a mammal ambulating on all fours

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quadruped(adj)

    having four feet

  2. Quadruped(noun)

    an animal having four feet, as most mammals and reptiles; -- often restricted to the mammals

  3. Origin: [L. quadrupes, -pedis; quattuor four + pes, pedis, a foot: cf. F. quadrupde. See Quadrate, and Foot.]


  1. Quadrupedalism

    Quadrupedalism or pronograde posture is a form of terrestrial locomotion in animals using four limbs or legs. An animal or machine that usually moves in a quadrupedal manner is known as a quadruped, meaning "four feet". The majority of quadrupeds are vertebrate animals, including mammals such as cattle, dogs and cats, and reptiles, like lizards. Worms, jellies, crustaceans, gastropods, cephalopods, echinoderms, millipedes, centipedes, arachnids, insects, fish, caecillians, snakes, birds, cetaceans, and humans are usually not quadrupeds, with some exceptions; for example, among the insects, the praying mantis is a quadruped. A few birds may use quadrupedal movement in some circumstances; for example, the shoebill will sometimes use its wings to right itself after lunging at prey.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Charles Robert Darwin:

    Man is descended from a hairy, tailed quadruped, probably arboreal in its habits.

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