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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

quad•rillekwɒˈdrɪl, kwə-, kə-(n.)

  1. a square dance for four couples, consisting of five parts or movements, each complete in itself.

    Category: Music and Dance

Origin of quadrille:

1730–40; < F < Sp cuadrilla company, troop < L quadra

quad•rillekwɒˈdrɪl, kwə-, kə-(n.)

  1. a four-person version of omber, popular in England and France in the 18th century.

    Category: Games

Origin of quadrille:

1720–30; < F < Sp cuartillo, dim. of cuartofourth< L quārtus

quad•rillekwɒˈdrɪl, kwə-, kə-(adj.)

  1. ruled in squares, as graph paper.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

Origin of quadrille:

1880–85; < F quadrillé, ptp. of quadriller to rule in squares, der. of quadrille lozenge < Sp cuadrilla; see quadrille1

Princeton's WordNet

  1. quadrille(noun)

    music for dancing the quadrille

  2. quadrille(noun)

    a square dance of 5 or more figures for 4 or more couples

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quadrille(noun)

    a dance having five figures, in common time, four couples of dancers being in each set

  2. Quadrille(noun)

    the appropriate music for a quadrille

  3. Quadrille(noun)

    a game played by four persons with forty cards, being the remainder of an ordinary pack after the tens, nines, and eights are discarded


  1. Quadrille

    Quadrille is a historic dance performed by four couples in a rectangular formation, and a precursor to traditional square dancing. It is also a style of music. A derivative found in the Francophone Lesser Antilles is known in the local Creole as kwadril.

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marked or ruled with squares

squared paper.

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