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Princeton's WordNet

  1. quack(noun)

    an untrained person who pretends to be a physician and who dispenses medical advice

  2. quack(adj)

    the harsh sound of a duck

  3. quack(a)(verb)

    medically unqualified

    "a quack doctor"

  4. quack(verb)

    utter quacking noises

    "The ducks quacked"

  5. quack(verb)

    act as a medical quack or a charlatan


  1. quack(Noun)

    A fraudulent healer or incompetent doctor of medicine, an impostor who claims to have qualifications to practice medicine.

    That doctor is nothing but a lousy quack!

  2. quack(Noun)

    A charlatan.

  3. quack

    A doctor.

  4. quack(Verb)

    To practice, commit quackery.

  5. quack(Adjective)

    falsely presented as having medicinal powers.

    Don't get your hopes up; that's quack medicine!

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quack(verb)

    to utter a sound like the cry of a duck

  2. Quack(verb)

    to make vain and loud pretensions; to boast

  3. Quack(verb)

    to act the part of a quack, or pretender

  4. Quack(noun)

    the cry of the duck, or a sound in imitation of it; a hoarse, quacking noise

  5. Quack(noun)

    a boastful pretender to medical skill; an empiric; an ignorant practitioner

  6. Quack(noun)

    hence, one who boastfully pretends to skill or knowledge of any kind not possessed; a charlatan

  7. Quack(adj)

    pertaining to or characterized by, boasting and pretension; used by quacks; pretending to cure diseases; as, a quack medicine; a quack doctor

  8. Origin: [Of imitative origin; cf. D. kwaken, G. quacken, quaken, Icel. kvaka to twitter.]

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Richter cartoon caption:

    Orthodox medicine has not found an answer to your complaint. However, luckily for you, I happen to be a quack.

  2. Ian Shoales:

    Sigmund Freud was a half baked Viennese quack. Our literature, culture, and the the films of Woody Allen would be better today if Freud had never written a word.

Translations for quack

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • بطبطةArabic
  • rap, kvaksalver, rappeDanish
  • Quaken, QuacksalberGerman
  • πα πα, κομπογιαννίτης, αλμπάνης, τσαρλατάνοςGreek
  • charlatán, cuac, matasanos, curanderoSpanish
  • prääksEstonian
  • huijari, kvaak, puoskari, vaakkuaFinnish
  • gvagg, kvaggFaroese
  • charlatan, coin-coin, cancanerFrench
  • vrácIrish
  • háp, hápogHungarian
  • շառլատանArmenian
  • quaccarInterlingua
  • andagagg, skottulæknir, loddari, falsari, gagga, guss, fúskari, skottu-, svika-, svikari, gussa, fals-Icelandic
  • pataccaro, mediconzolo, empirico, qua qua, ciarlatano, imbonitoreItalian
  • ガー ガー, やぶ医者, クェッ クェッ, もぐりの医者, ガヤガヤしゃべる, クワッ クワッ, ペテン師, ガーガーと鳴くJapanese
  • keakea, kēkēMāori
  • квакMacedonian
  • wakMalay
  • charlatan, kwaken, kwakzalveren, kwak, kwakzalverDutch
  • szarlatan, kwa, konował, medyk, kwakaćPolish
  • quac, mata-sanos, grasnir, charlatão, curandeiro, grassitar, gracitar, grasnarPortuguese
  • mac-mac, măcăit, mac, măcănit, măcăitură, măcăiRomanian
  • крякнуть, кря-кря, шарлатан, кряканье, крякатьRussian
  • kvack, kvacka, kvacksalvareSwedish
  • vaklamak, vakTurkish

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