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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

psisaɪ, psaɪ(n.)(pl.)psis.

  1. the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet (Ψ, ψ).

    Category: Language/Linguistics

Origin of psi:

1350–1400; ME < Gk pseî


  1. of or pertaining to parapsychological manifestations or abilities.

    Category: Psychology, Parapsychology

Origin of psi:

1940–45; shortening of psychic or parapsychic


or p.s.i.

  1. pounds per square inch.

    Category: Physics

Princeton's WordNet

  1. pounds per square inch, psi(noun)

    a unit of pressure

  2. psi(noun)

    the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet


  1. Psi

    Psi is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet and has a numeric value of 700. In both Classical and Modern Greek, the letter indicates the combination /ps/. For Greek loanwords in Latin and modern languages with Latin alphabets, psi is usually transliterated as "ps". In English, due to phonotactic constraints, its pronunciation is usually simplified to /s/ at the beginning of a word. Historically, the letter is a Greek innovation and not derived from the Phoenician alphabet. It appears in the 7th century BC, expressing /ps/ in the Eastern alphabets, but /kʰ/ in the Western alphabets. Epigraphically, the early letter appears in an angular shape. There were early graphical variants which omitted the stem. The Western letter was adopted into the Old Italic alphabets, and its shape is also continued into the Algiz rune of the Elder Futhark. The classical Greek letter was adopted into the early Cyrillic alphabet as "Ѱ".

Anagrams of psi

  1. IPS, IPs, ISP, pis, sip

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


like, or of, a dog or dogs

canine characteristics.

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