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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pros•trateˈprɒs treɪt(v.; adj.)-trat•ed, -trat•ing

  1. (v.t.)to cast (oneself) facedown on the ground in humility, submission, or adoration.

  2. to lay flat, as on the ground.

  3. to throw down level with the ground.

  4. to overthrow, overcome, or reduce to helplessness.

  5. to reduce to physical weakness or exhaustion.

    Category: Pathology

  6. (adj.)lying flat or at full length, as on the ground.

  7. lying facedown on the ground, as in humility.

  8. overthrown, overcome, or helpless:

    a country left prostrate by natural disasters.

  9. physically weak or exhausted.

  10. submissive.

  11. utterly dejected; disconsolate.

  12. (of a plant or stem) lying flat on the ground.

    Category: Botany

Origin of prostrate:

1350–1400; ME prostrat < L prōstrātus, ptp. of prōsternere to knock flat, exhaust =prō-pro -1+sternere to spread, lay, strew


Princeton's WordNet

  1. flat, prostrate(adj)

    stretched out and lying at full length along the ground

    "found himself lying flat on the floor"

  2. prone, prostrate(verb)

    lying face downward

  3. prostrate, bow down(verb)

    get into a prostrate position, as in submission

  4. prostrate(verb)

    render helpless or defenseless

    "They prostrated the enemy"

  5. prostrate(verb)

    throw down flat, as on the ground

    "She prostrated herself with frustration"


  1. prostrate(Verb)

    (Often reflexive) To lie flat or facedown; to throw oneself down in submission (also figuratively).

  2. prostrate(Verb)

    To cause to lie down, to flatten; (figuratively) to overcome or overpower.

  3. prostrate(Adjective)

    Lying flat, facedown.

  4. prostrate(Adjective)

    Emotionally devastated.

    I told him you was prostrate with grief. u2014 Mammy to Scarlett, Gone With the Wind.

  5. prostrate(Adjective)

    Physically incapacitated from environmental exposure or debilitating disease.

    He was prostrate from the extreme heat.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Prostrate(adj)

    lying at length, or with the body extended on the ground or other surface; stretched out; as, to sleep prostrate

  2. Prostrate(adj)

    lying at mercy, as a supplicant

  3. Prostrate(adj)

    lying in a humble, lowly, or suppliant posture

  4. Prostrate(adj)

    trailing on the ground; procumbent

  5. Prostrate(verb)

    to lay fiat; to throw down; to level; to fell; as, to prostrate the body; to prostrate trees or plants

  6. Prostrate(verb)

    to overthrow; to demolish; to destroy; to deprive of efficiency; to ruin; as, to prostrate a village; to prostrate a government; to prostrate law or justice

  7. Prostrate(verb)

    to throw down, or cause to fall in humility or adoration; to cause to bow in humble reverence; used reflexively; as, he prostrated himself

  8. Prostrate(verb)

    to cause to sink totally; to deprive of strength; to reduce; as, a person prostrated by fever

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lying flat, especially face downwards.

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