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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pro•lif•ic*prəˈlɪf ɪk(adj.)

  1. producing offspring, young, fruit, etc., abundantly; highly fruitful.

  2. highly productive:

    a prolific writer.

  3. characterized by abundant production:

    a prolific year.

* Syn: See productive.

Origin of prolific:

1640–50; < ML prōlificus fertile


Princeton's WordNet

  1. fecund, fertile, prolific(adj)

    intellectually productive

    "a prolific writer"; "a fecund imagination"

  2. prolific, fertile(adj)

    bearing in abundance especially offspring

    "flying foxes are extremely prolific"; "a prolific pear tree"


  1. prolific(Adjective)

    Fertile, producing offspring or fruit in abundance u2014 applied to plants producing fruit, animals producing young, etc.

  2. prolific(Adjective)

    Similarly producing results or works in abundance

  3. Origin: 1640-1650: from prolifique, from proles and facere.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Prolific(adj)

    having the quality of generating; producing young or fruit; generative; fruitful; productive; -- applied to plants producing fruit, animals producing young, etc.; -- usually with the implied idea of frequent or numerous production; as, a prolific tree, female, and the like

  2. Prolific(adj)

    serving to produce; fruitful of results; active; as, a prolific brain; a controversy prolific of evil

  3. Prolific(adj)



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