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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pro•jec•tileprəˈdʒɛk tɪl, -taɪl(n.)

  1. an object fired from a gun with an explosive propelling charge, as a bullet, shell, or grenade.

  2. a body projected or impelled forward, as through the air.

  3. (adj.)impelling or driving forward, as a force.

  4. caused by impulse, as motion.

  5. capable of being thrust or flung forward, as a missile or the tongue of a frog.

    Category: Biology

Origin of projectile:

1655–65; < NL, neut. of prōjectilis (adj.) projecting. See project , -tile

Princeton's WordNet

  1. projectile, missile(noun)

    a weapon that is forcibly thrown or projected at a targets but is not self-propelled

  2. rocket, projectile(adj)

    any vehicle self-propelled by a rocket engine

  3. projectile(adj)

    impelling or impelled forward

    "a projectile force"; "a projectile missile"


  1. projectile(Noun)

    an object intended to be or having been fired from a weapon.

  2. projectile(Noun)

    any object propelled through space by the application of a force.

  3. projectile(Adjective)

    In the manner of something fired from a weapon.

  4. projectile(Adjective)

    Designed to discharge projectiles towards its target.

  5. Origin: From proiectilis, from proiectus, perfect passive participle of proicio.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Projectile(adj)

    projecting or impelling forward; as, a projectile force

  2. Projectile(adj)

    caused or imparted by impulse or projection; impelled forward; as, projectile motion

  3. Projectile(noun)

    a body projected, or impelled forward, by force; especially, a missile adapted to be shot from a firearm

  4. Projectile(noun)

    a part of mechanics which treats of the motion, range, time of flight, etc., of bodies thrown or driven through the air by an impelling force


  1. Projectile

    A projectile is any object projected into space by the exertion of a force. Although any object in motion through space may be referred to as a projectile, the term more commonly refers to a ranged weapon. Mathematical equations of motion are used to analyze projectile trajectory.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


something that is thrown, usually as a weapon.

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