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Definitions for polemicpəˈlɛm ɪk, poʊ-

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. polemicist, polemist, polemic(noun)

    a writer who argues in opposition to others (especially in theology)

  2. polemic(adj)

    a controversy (especially over a belief or dogma)

  3. polemic, polemical(adj)

    of or involving dispute or controversy


  1. polemic(Noun)

    A person who writes in support of one opinion, doctrine, or system, in opposition to another; one skilled in polemics; a controversialist; a disputant.

  2. polemic(Noun)

    An argument or controversy.

  3. polemic(Noun)

    A strong verbal or written attack on someone or something.

  4. polemic(Adjective)

    Having the characteristics of a polemic.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Polemic(adj)

    of or pertaining to controversy; maintaining, or involving, controversy; controversial; disputative; as, a polemic discourse or essay; polemic theology

  2. Polemic(adj)

    engaged in, or addicted to, polemics, or to controversy; disputations; as, a polemic writer

  3. Polemic(noun)

    one who writes in support of one opinion, doctrine, or system, in opposition to another; one skilled in polemics; a controversialist; a disputant

  4. Polemic(noun)

    a polemic argument or controversy

  5. Origin: [Gr. warlike, fr. war: cf. F. polmique.]


  1. Polemic

    A polemic is a contentious argument that is intended to establish the truth of a specific understanding and the falsity of the contrary position. Polemics are mostly seen in arguments about very controversial topics. The art or practice of such argumentation is called polemics. A person who often writes polemics, or who speaks polemically, is a polemicist or a polemic. The word is derived from the Greek πολεμικός, meaning "warlike, hostile", which comes from πόλεμος, "war".

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Polemic

    -al, po-lem′ik, -al, adj. given to disputing: controversial.—n. one who disputes: one who speaks or writes in opposition to another: a controversy.—adv. Polem′ically.—n.sing. Polem′ics, contest or controversy: (theol.) the history of ecclesiastical controversy.—n. Pol′emoscope, a perspective glass so constructed as to give views of objects not lying directly before the eye. [Gr. polemos, war.]


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