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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

plac•ardˈplæk ɑrd, -ərd(n.)

  1. a sign or notice, as one posted in a public place or carried by a demonstrator or picketer.

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  2. (v.t.)to display placards on or in.

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  3. to publicize by means of placards.

  4. to post as a placard.

Origin of placard:

1475–85; < MF. See plaque , -ard

Princeton's WordNet

  1. poster, posting, placard, notice, bill, card(verb)

    a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement

    "a poster advertised the coming attractions"

  2. placard(verb)

    post in a public place

  3. placard, bill(verb)

    publicize or announce by placards


  1. placard(Noun)

    A sheet of paper or cardboard with a written or printed announcement on one side for display in a public place.

  2. placard(Verb)

    To affix a placard to.

  3. placard(Verb)

    To announce with placards.

    to placard a sale

  4. Origin: placquert, 'official document,' from placquier, 'to plate'. Cognate of 'plaque' (1560)

Webster Dictionary

  1. Placard(noun)

    a public proclamation; a manifesto or edict issued by authority

  2. Placard(noun)

    permission given by authority; a license; as, to give a placard to do something

  3. Placard(noun)

    a written or printed paper, as an advertisement or a declaration, posted, or to be posted, in a public place; a poster

  4. Placard(noun)

    an extra plate on the lower part of the breastplate or backplate

  5. Placard(noun)

    a kind of stomacher, often adorned with jewels, worn in the fifteenth century and later

  6. Placard(verb)

    to post placards upon or within; as, to placard a wall, to placard the city

  7. Placard(verb)

    to announce by placards; as, to placard a sale


  1. Placard

    A placard is a notice installed in a public place, like a small card, sign, or plaque. It can be attached to or hung from a vehicle or building to indicate information about the vehicle operator or contents of a vehicle or building.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a notice printed on eg wood or cardboard and carried, hung etc, in a public place

The protesters were carrying placards denouncing the government's policy.

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