Definitions for persuasivepərˈsweɪ sɪv, -zɪv

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

per•sua•sivepərˈsweɪ sɪv, -zɪv(adj.)

  1. able, fitted, or intended to persuade:

    a persuasive argument.

Origin of persuasive:

1580–90; ML persuāsīvus. See persuasible , -ive


Princeton's WordNet

  1. persuasive(adj)

    intended or having the power to induce action or belief

    "persuasive eloquence"; "a most persuasive speaker"; "a persuasive argument"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. persuasive(adjective)ərˈsweɪ sɪv, -zɪv

    able or likely to make people believe or agree with you

    a persuasive argument; He can be very persuasive.


  1. persuasive(Adjective)

    able to persuade; convincing

  2. Origin: From persuasivus, from past participle stem of persuadere + -ivus

Webster Dictionary

  1. Persuasive(adj)

    tending to persuade; having the power of persuading; as, persuasive eloquence

  2. Persuasive(noun)

    that which persuades; an inducement; an incitement; an exhortation

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


able to persuade

He is a persuasive speaker; His arguments are persuasive.

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