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  1. Pentium(ProperNoun)

    CPU chip designed and manufactured by Intel, successor to the 486 chip.

  2. Pentium(ProperNoun)

    A computer having a Pentium processor.

  3. Origin: * pent-, from the Greek for five (the first Pentium processor being the fifth-generation processor of the x86 architecture) + -ium

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. Pentium

    The name given to Intel's P5 chip, the successor to the 80486. The name was chosen because of difficulties Intel had in trademarking a number. It suggests the number five (implying 586) while (according to Intel) conveying a meaning of strength “like titanium”. Among hackers, the plural is frequently ‘pentia’. See also Pentagram Pro.Intel did not stick to this convention when naming its P6 processor the Pentium Pro; many believe this is due to difficulties in selling a chip with “hex” or “sex” in its name. Successor chips have been called Pentium II, Pentium III, and Pentium IV.

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  1. numptie, pinetum

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