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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pains•tak•ing*ˈpeɪnzˌteɪ kɪŋ, ˈpeɪnˌsteɪ-(adj.)

  1. taking or characterized by taking pains; expending or showing diligent care and effort; careful:

    a painstaking craftsman; painstaking research.

  2. (n.)careful and diligent effort.

* Syn: painstaking , meticulous , conscientious mean extremely careful or precise about details. painstaking stresses laborious effort and diligent attention to detail in achieving a desired objective: the painstaking editing of a manuscript.meticulous suggests a more extreme attention to minute details: to be meticulous about matching shoes and clothing.conscientious stresses scrupulous effort to obey one's sense of moral obligation to perform tasks well: a conscientious description of the facts.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. conscientious, painstaking, scrupulous(adj)

    characterized by extreme care and great effort

    "conscientious application to the work at hand"; "painstaking research"; "scrupulous attention to details"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. painstaking(adjective)ˈpeɪnzˌteɪ kɪŋ, ˈpeɪnˌsteɪ-

    extremely careful with great attention to detail; = meticulous

    a painstaking search for human remains


  1. painstaking(Noun)

    The application of careful and attentive effort.

  2. painstaking(Adjective)

    Carefully attentive to details; diligent in performing a process or procedure.

  3. Origin: From pains + taking.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Painstaking(adj)

    careful in doing; diligent; faithful; attentive

  2. Painstaking(noun)

    the act of taking pains; carefulness and fidelity in performance

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going to great trouble and taking great care

a painstaking student.

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