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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

pa•gan*ˈpeɪ gən(n.)

  1. one of a people or community observing a polytheistic religion, as the ancient Romans and Greeks.

  2. a person who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim; heathen.

  3. an irreligious or hedonistic person.

  4. (adj.)of or pertaining to pagans or their religion.

  5. irreligious or hedonistic.

* Syn: See heathen.

Origin of pagan:

1325–75; ME < ML, LL pāgānus worshiper of false gods, orig. civilian (i.e., not a soldier of Christ), L: peasant, n. use of pāgānus rural, civilian, der. of pāgus village, rural district; see -an1


Princeton's WordNet

  1. heathen, pagan, gentile, infidel(noun)

    a person who does not acknowledge your god

  2. pagan(noun)

    a person who follows a polytheistic or pre-Christian religion (not a Christian or Muslim or Jew)

  3. hedonist, pagan, pleasure seeker(adj)

    someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures

  4. heathen, heathenish, pagan, ethnic(adj)

    not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam


  1. pagan(Noun)

    A person not adhering to any major or recognized religion, especially a heathen or non-Abrahamist, follower of a pantheistic or nature-worshipping religion, neopagan.

    This community has a surprising number of pagans.

  2. pagan(Noun)

    An uncivilized or unsocialized person

  3. pagan(Noun)

    Especially an unruly, badly educated child.

  4. pagan(Adjective)

    Relating to, characteristic of or adhering to non-Abrahamist religions, especially earlier polytheism.

    Many converted societies transformed their pagan deities into saints.

  5. pagan(Adjective)

    Savage, immoral, uncivilized, wild.

  6. Pagan(ProperNoun)


Webster Dictionary

  1. Pagan(noun)

    one who worships false gods; an idolater; a heathen; one who is neither a Christian, a Mohammedan, nor a Jew

  2. Pagan(noun)

    of or pertaining to pagans; relating to the worship or the worshipers of false goods; heathen; idolatrous, as, pagan tribes or superstitions


  1. Pagan

    Pagan is an album by Celtic metal band Cruachan released in 2004.

Anagrams of pagan

  1. panga

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


not belonging to any of the major world religions

pagan tribes; pagan gods.

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