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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

o•ti•tisoʊˈtaɪ tɪs(n.)

  1. inflammation of the ear.

    Category: Pathology

Origin of otitis:

1790–1800; < Gk ōt-, s. of oûs ear1+ -itis

Princeton's WordNet

  1. otitis(noun)

    inflammation of the ear


  1. otitis(Noun)

    Inflammation of the ear.


  1. Otitis

    Otitis is a general term for inflammation or infection of the ear, in both humans and other animals. It is subdivided into the following: ⁕Otitis externa, external otitis, or "swimmer's ear" involves the outer ear and ear canal. In external otitis, the ear hurts when touched or pulled. ⁕Otitis media or middle ear infection involves the middle ear. In otitis media, the ear is infected or clogged with fluid behind the ear drum, in the normally air-filled middle-ear space. This very common childhood infection sometimes requires a surgical procedure called "myringotomy and tube insertion". ⁕Otitis interna or labyrinthitis involves the inner ear. The inner ear includes sensory organs for balance and hearing. When the inner ear is inflamed, vertigo is a common symptom.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Otitis

    Inflammation of the ear, which may be marked by pain (EARACHE), fever, HEARING DISORDERS, and VERTIGO. Inflammation of the external ear is OTITIS EXTERNA; of the middle ear, OTITIS MEDIA; of the inner ear, LABYRINTHITIS.


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