Definitions for oophorectomyˌoʊ ə fəˈrɛk tə mi

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

o•o•pho•rec•to•myˌoʊ ə fəˈrɛk tə mi(n.)(pl.)-mies.

  1. surgical removal of the ovary.

    Category: Surgery

    Ref: Also called ovariectomy.

Origin of oophorectomy:

1870–75; < NL oophor(on) ovary (neut. of Gk ōiophóros egg-bearing; see oo -, -phore ) + -ectomy

Princeton's WordNet

  1. oophorectomy, ovariectomy(noun)

    surgical removal of one of both ovaries


  1. oophorectomy(Noun)

    Surgical removal of one or both ovaries.

  2. Origin: From noun use of + -ectomy, corresponding to .


  1. Oophorectomy

    Oophorectomy is the surgical removal of an ovary or ovaries. The surgery is also called ovariectomy, but this term has been traditionally used in basic science research describing the surgical removal of ovaries in laboratory animals. Removal of the ovaries in women is the biological equivalent of castration in males; however, the term castration is only occasionally used in the medical literature to refer to oophorectomy in humans. In the veterinary sciences, the complete removal of the ovaries, oviducts, uterine horns, and the uterus is called spaying and is a form of sterilization. Partial oophorectomy or Ovariotomy is a term sometimes used to describe a diverse variety of surgeries such as ovarian cyst removal or resection of parts of the ovaries. This kind of surgery is fertility preserving although ovarian failure may be relatively frequent. Most of the long term risks and consequences of oophorectomy are not or only partially present with partial oophorectomy. In humans, oophorectomy is most often performed due to diseases such as ovarian cysts or cancer; as prophylaxis to reduce the chances of developing ovarian cancer or breast cancer; or in conjunction with removal of the uterus.


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