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Princeton's WordNet

  1. queen triggerfish, Bessy cerca, oldwench, oldwife, Balistes vetula(noun)

    tropical Atlantic fish

  2. old squaw, oldwife, Clangula hyemalis(noun)

    a common long-tailed sea duck of the northern parts of the United States


  1. Enoplosus armatus

    Enoplosus armatus, the old wife, is a species of perciform fish endemic to the temperate coastal waters of Australia. It is the only modern species in the family Enoplosidae. It has a deep and compressed body and concave forehead. These features are characteristic of typical butterflyfishes. However, the old wife is easily distinguished by its silver-and-black, vertical, zebra-striped coloration, and by its two prominent dorsal fins. The second dorsal fin is very long and sickle-shaped. The fish grows up to 50 cm long. Its dorsal fins have bony, knife-like spines. These have no obvious venom groove nor gland. Nonetheless, the spines are widely considered to inflict a painful venom. The name "old wife" refers to the sound it makes when caught, caused by it grinding its teeth. Other vernacular names have included "bastard dory", "zebra-fish", and "double scalare". It has a similar range and appearance to the Moonlighter.


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